Illegal marijuana advent calendar enjoys high sales in Canada


As the holidays approach, a Vancouver company said Monday it is struggling to meet the demand for its novel marijuana advent calendars—even though they are illegal.

Lorilee Fedler, of online retailer Coast to Coast Medicinals, told AFP she has so far filled 700 orders, but still has a backlog of 2,000.

“We expected maybe 20 or 30 orders,” she said.

Due to skyrocketing demand, Fedler added she has had to enlist “a bunch of friends” to help make the festive boxes adorned with reindeer, bow-tied presents, joints and the words “Merry Cannabis.”

The Can$200-Can$230 ($157-$180 or P7,880-P9,000) take on a popular Christmas tradition is filled with 26 grams of dried cannabis, or edibles such as gingerbread men and snowflake cookies infused with the psychotropic drug.

Image: Coast to Coast Medicinals

Canada is set to legalize recreational use of marijuana next July. It is currently only legally available for medicinal uses with a prescription.

“We just thought it would be something fun and different for adults,” Fedler said.

She acknowledges that her venture is illegal, but says she is not worried that it will land her in jail, noting that police have not contacted the company, which normally deals in medicinal pot.

In fact, following the advent calendar’s success, Fedler confirmed she now has similar products in the works for Valentine’s Day and Easter. NVG


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