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AN AUTHOR of thriller novels once wrote, “Dress the devil with the archangel’s cloak of mercy and justice” and he will be able to convince everybody that he is good. The present case, shows a man in jail for months who talk about love and patriotism. His “confession” can be believable like that of a dying man who wants to make peace with his Final Judge and therefore is no longer capable of lying. Though a false assumption, people cling to the hope that indeed he is sincere but in this case there is no contrition.

This is what happened to Manuel Huelar. A confessed drug user who is now languishing in jail was “cloaked with a garment of an angel” that shows concern with four lofty things: his family, his children, prevention of others being addicted and his contribution to the government’s fight against illegal drugs. All these are the clothing of an angel. So, who’s going against or oppose this anguish of a loving father, a faithful husband, a crusader and a patriot? But, to repeat, there is no contrition.

So his howl about paternal and super-patriotic act to help, imprinted and published in an affidavit echoed in the local media as if a saint is making a testimony against sinners.

The Bible warns us, “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Wolf and the devil are masters in deception especially for people who just loved deception as a weapon.

It was good that I got a copy of the affidavit of Huelar from two sources, that are at odds with one another. The purpose of giving me their copy is clearly to elicit my views that they hope would be good for whatever cause they have. That was also patriotic, a civic duty. But I take no sides only what the affidavit says or does not say.

Anyway after reading Huelar’s the sworn statement, I find it devoid of anything solid to support the howling against Governor Alfredo Marañon, Vice Governor Eugenio Lacson and his brother and the spouses Jeffrey and Juliet Ferrer and several others  linking them with the leading, dead or alive, name in the illegal drug trade. They had denied the charge.

If only the affidavit were credible, the howling would have sent shock waves of magnitude 10 at the Capitol and the walls of dignity of several politicians and prominent families would have crumbled like the fortress of Jericho. But it didn’t; instead it whimpered in the face of a whirlwind that swallowed Huelar’s howling.

The affidavit must have been written by the same person who prepared similar affidavits that I received about the illegal drug trade and the prominent individuals and police officers. The style and choices of words which are fingerprints of writers, are identical. It could be a lawyer which reminds of me of the admonition of Jean Giraudoux, a famous French essayist and dramatist who said, “You’re an attorney. It is your duty to lie, conceal and distort everything, and slander everybody” as ordered by a generous client. As US Justice Felix Frankfurter noted, “to some lawyers all facts are equal.” But in the hands of manipulators facts are not equal. They can be used to deceive and malign.

No offense is intended to lawyers. Of course lawyers have more jokes and sordid details to tell about their profession and each other but these two quotations are apt in this case.

The allegations of Huelar show no concrete evidence or credible knowledge except his “expert opinion” and generalization that a person from Timbuktu, fed with “facts” and generously compensated can make, or considering his vulnerability being incarcerated, a jail bird would sing even out of tune.

If Huelar had provided the basic elements of personal knowledge that he claims, we can give him even an iota of belief, but his so-called personal knowledge is impaired for lack of the basic information that journalists and juries require – who, when, where, how, why.

Huelar resorts to the principle of “guilt by association” wherein any one related to or associated with the people he named in his affidavits as drug users, pushers and protectors are guilty as well.

Let’s continue tomorrow.

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