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HOWLING Huelar claims an expert opinion that VG Bong Lacson is a “rabid drug user” citing the VG’s demeanor. Considering that the VG presides the SP session every week and is in the news almost daily, does he show evidence of a drug user? Does he droll, salivate inadvertently, etc. as Huelar claims? Perhaps Huelar was looking at himself at the mirror.

The affidavit of Manuel Huelar is significant in what he did not state than what he did. In fact after reading his affidavit with claims of insider information and actual participation in orgies of drug use he presented very little specifics that I got the impression that he appears to be omniscient about the illegal drugs trade in this region.

Huelar also went into a frenzy of accusing everybody who is known or related to somebody. This is known as guilt by association.

If we use his principle of guilt by association does he imply that his family- wife and children – and people in his barangay are addicts as well because he, their head of the family and capitan, is one? Similarly, just because some people in one subdivision are allegedly in drugs, does he mean all the residents there are hooked as well or approve of it or are collaborators for their silence? Certainly not, that is reason that we need specifics, concrete details rather than generalization and guilt by association.

I will not repeat the “facts” that Huelar claimed to have personal knowledge since these had been given publicity. On the other hand, he exposed himself to serious doubts and is actually making a confession of guilt. He admitted to have used prohibited drugs, to be highly knowledgeable of the trade and had transacted with the traders and suppliers, distributors and protectors and yet claims he is innocent. Does that make sense? It’s like the carabao wallowing in the mud saying he is clean because he is taking a bath.

Indeed, Manuel Huelar claims direct knowledge of involvement of people he accused of being pushers, users and protectors. He cannot claim innocence which is the first substantive statement he made in his affidavit. In fact from his statement claiming he had been transacting, not just buying, makes him part of the illegal drug system.

There is always grave danger to one’s credibility to claim what is easily disproved by objective truth. I used to teach my students in Philosophy that the best solution to the debate whether the mule has upper teeth or not is to open its mouth.

So to disprove Huelar’s howl against Vice Governor Lacson, the vice governor underwent a drug test and proved he is clean. Consequently he proved Huelar lied under oath. This is a good perjury case that can probably ferret out why Huelar lied. Surely he could not have done what he did without a bewitching reason considering that lying under oath and while in jail does not help his case, especially the claim of innocence.

There is the possibility, however, that with the right connection in the present government and acquiescence to anything he is told to do, he can be placed under the witness protection program and get away with it. This seems to be the scenario for Ricky Serenio considering the knee jerk reaction of Justice Secretary Aguirre on Serenio’s charges against Senator Franklin Drilon and Mar Roxas.

Huelar cannot be expected to say anything further unless in court but people have suspicion as to his howling. Aside from the governor, the two leading personalities in his accusations are considered candidates for governor when Governor Marañon steps down in 2019, after completing his nine years in office.

Was Huelar induced or paid to make the accusations against possible candidates for governor? Is this the start of a demolition job by whoever controls Huelar? It seems so.
The leading contenders are VG Bong Lacson and former Congressman Jeffrey Ferrer. They fought in 2016 for vice governor believing the winner have better chances of taking over. So if both are tarnished, politically damaged severely, there must be a third party who’s going to enter the fray for 2019, the possible beneficiary of two weakened opposition.

However from public reaction, the bomb was a dud, Huelar’s howling a wimp. Wanted: strategy change but coming soon.

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