How to Cope with Your Complexes


Modern lifestyle affects disgustingly your psyche. Your complexes grow when you are just trying to be yourself. People tell you that you look awful, then they say that your project will not be successful. And the icing on the cake of life is that they convince you that you do not know how to communicate with women. However, in fact, you don’t know how to deal with an inferiority complex that you have already got. All this tension hinders living a full life, but your “inability” in relation to everything is only complexes imposed from outside. It is easy to overcome them, especially when you realize that you have enough strength for this fight.

You think you look bad.

Let’s start with the simplest complex that everybody can have. Let’s say that there are tips that will work even if you really have problems with appearance. However, you hardly have them. It’s not about appearance, it’s about the fact that you either haven’t work on yourself, or you are in captivity of total speculation. There are quite many people who look chic, but who consider themselves ugly because of an idiotic company.

In general, proceeding from these simple thoughts, there are two solutions from

  1. a) Take care of yourself, watch your appearance, go to the gym, do your hair. Just work on yourself, it is not so difficult.
  2. b) Limit the circle of communication and send them an article about, “How to deal with a superiority complex?” Very often, people start being shy about their appearance only because a group of people with a superiority complex is around them. If this is so, then just stop talking with those who make you feel weird. This advice is effective in all cases, especially at the first stage of dealing with the complexes.

You think you do not know how to communicate with girls.

You do not need to know how to communicate with all the girls at once. You will never be able to talk adequately with some of them, and it’s normal because it’s just banal antipathy, and you are not a victim of a total plot. How to deal with victim complex? Your problem is in the embarrassment, and everyone who has been deprived of the experience of communication has such a problem. You can easily deal this such an embarrassment, having more practice, you just need to talk to strangers. Talk to a barmaid, write to a girl you like as if by accident.

You think you cannot do anything.

You lose when you set yourself up for disappointment and failure in advance, and this is a big minus for any person’s life. You just program your destiny. If you constantly think that you cannot do anything, then it will become the truth. Of course, if you think positively, the situation will not change radically, but if you make efforts, you will get what you deserve. If you don’t know how to deal with a martyr complex, see a therapist.  Besides, try to set yourself up for the positive and focus on the process, and not on a result. No matter how difficult your task may be, it will really move off dead center. It is important to understand that any process will require a lot of effort and time, and therefore, it is necessary not only to wait for the result but also to enjoy the process itself.

You think you are too stupid for something.

The issue of lack of competence on a particular subject is often not about knowledge but about the lack of self-confidence. If you want to achieve real success, then you do not always need information on how to do that. And yes, you do not always have to have IQ, like Einstein to do something great. As to intelligence, everything is simple: it is a “muscle” that anyone can train. If you think you are stupid, then just start reading books, popular science resources, and try to use received knowledge in practice.