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JUST WHEN everyone thought the House of Representa(thieves) is already at its lowest point, members of the House of manure set a new record low.

It is already given that the House is called Lower House because it is populated by low-life creatures and entities of darkness – thieves, liars, the corrupt, the abusive, imbeciles and the worst labels one can attach to a person.  But it still generated surprise when these manure-people jumped from the kangkungan to the septic tank when they voted 119-32 to give the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) a budget of 1,000 pesos.

Their justifications for the devilish act show that stupidity is not only forever but is also unlimited and bottomless. House Speaker Alvarez said they defunded the CHR because the human rights body is not doing its job.

“Our message at the House of Representatives is clear. We gave the CHR a P1,000 budget because it’s clear that they are not doing their job……Did the CHR talk about the Maute Group in Marawi? No.”

The same sentiment was echoed by Pangasinan 2nd District Representative Leopoldo Bataoil, and Ako Bicol Representative Christopher Co. Surely this is the thinking of the rest of the 119 who crippled the CHR.

The claim of the fanatics that CHR is not doing its job since it failed to investigate the acts committed by lawless elements exposed their ignorance of the concept of human rights. They also cannot distinguish between crimes and human rights violations.

Human rights are natural and inborn rights of a person. These rights are the right to life, liberty and property. The concept of human right is one of the finest achievements of modern civilization. Before the concept evolved during the Enlightenment, the people (except the nobles and the clergy) are treated as objects. They are wantonly abused and treated not as human beings but properties of the lords. Today, the right to life, liberty and property is universally accepted and all human beings must enjoy these rights.

Why only governments are held accountable for human rights violations? For the simple reason that only the government, the most important element of a state, guarantees and safeguards the human rights of the people. Ordinary citizens do not and cannot guarantee and protect the human rights of fellow citizens only the state. That is why only state-agents can be accused of human rights violations.

Any harm done by an ordinary citizen to another citizen is a crime and not human rights violation. If your neighbor stole your property, that neighbor committed a crime not a human right violation. You report the neighbor to state agents- barangay officials, the police, the military and similar functionaries. You don’t file a complaint to the CHR. To answer the moronic question of Alvarez and the rest of the fanatics, why will the CHR investigate the Maute group or the New People’s Army (NPA)? Are they state agents?  They are lawless elements and it is the duty of the military and police to deal with them.  Holding terrorists and rebels responsible for human rights violations is to give them a status of belligerency. Is Alvarez saying these groups have successfully established a state?

Again to repeat, the acts of Maute group are terroristic and criminal acts. Treating them as state agents is to legitimize their cause and elevate their status. Are they saying the PNP and AFP and the Maute Group and NPA are on the same level? If the NPA and the Maute group are violating human rights in the same way the PNP and AFP do, then they are all state agents. Do the imbeciles in the manure House understand the implications of their demand that the CHR should also run after rebels and terrorists?

It is even more incredulous for the fanatics to demand that CHR investigate criminals and their acts.  What are the police and military there for?  There are already numerous agencies with billions of budget, from the PNP, to NBI, to CIDG to AFP to deal with criminal and lawless elements.  Why do they want the CHR to usurp the functions of these agencies?

Fanatics even have the gall to slam the CHR for failing to investigate the fate of SAF 44. This is bringing ignorance and stupidity to an unprecedented level. It was a legitimate police and military operation. What happened to SAF 44 is sad and tragic and the nation grieved for the loss but to expand the scope of human rights violation to those killed in action or in line of duty is idiocy of the highest degree.

If all wrongful acts are human rights violations then the country should change its statute books, removing the word “crime” and replacing them with “human rights violations.” The PNP and its agencies as well as the AFP should be abolished and replaced by CHR since fanatics consider that all illegal, harmful and dangerous acts are human rights violations.  There are no criminals, only human rights violators. If the fanatics are robbed, they should file case of human right violation – violation of right to property, not robbery to the CHR.

This is the second time in the history of the country that human right is under siege (the first during the Marcos dictatorship whom Du30 admired).  Du30 and his minions portray human rights as evil and proceeded to savage the concept. If the fanatics believe that human rights are bad, why don’t they renounce their human rights or allow themselves to be stripped of their human rights?  If they consider the right to life, liberty and property as dreadful, they should not invoke these rights once they are abused.

But the silver lining in this recent travesty of the law is the vast majority of Filipinos are outraged by the blatant display of crude power. Except for the fanatics who continue to dwindle as the sham cult-god is being exposed, decent Filipinos are finding courage to speak-out. One legal expert Tony La Viña, former dean of the Ateneo School of Government said giving CHR P1,000 budget bolster the case against Du30 in the International Criminal Court (ICC) “because one of the things that can stop a case is if there’s a chance that you can hold people accountable in your country with your domestic mechanisms. Removing the CHR removed one of those mechanisms.”

The time of reckoning is coming sooner and history shows evil never wins.

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