Horn seeks Pacquiao rematch in Australia


Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and Jeff Horn of Australia fight. Dave Hunt, AAP via Reuters

New welterweight champion Jeff Horn is willing to give Manny Pacquiao the rematch the Filipino boxer wants. But he wants it staged again in his home country of Australia.

“I think it would be definitely another awesome fight,” Horn told CBS Sports. “I think I will definitely step up better but then again Pacquiao might come up and fight even harder again. Who knows?” 

The 29-year-old wants the rematch to take place in his turf again where he’s now being celebrated as one of Australia’s biggest sports hero. He has never fought outside Australia or New Zealand.

“They think I won the fight and so do I,” said Horn, who surprised everyone after he pulled off an upset against Pacquiao in Brisbane.

“Most likely we will be back in Australia (for a rematch) but I have no control over that myself,” he said.

“It’s really up to Manny at the moment whether he wants to fight or not and it really will be decided about the venue after that.”

Horn believes he was able to baffle Pacquiao with his awkward style of fighting.

“I was controlling the distance between each other a lot better than (recent Pacquiao opponents) did and I used angles and movements,” he said. 

“Some people have said to me how well I took away that room from him and kind of bullied him and made him go backwards. I think he struggled to find the range because I came forward to him as well and kind of cramped his style a little bit.”

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