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Gabbi Garcia’s career is about to take off

Gabbi Garcia isn’t your average artista. In the business for three years now, the 18-year-old has set a path for herself where she, like the devil in that idiom, is in the details.

Gabbi Garcia

The actress is hands-on with her career. And she’s not the type who waits for a project to come – she makes things happen when the party hits a lull.

“I don’t want to be called a celebrity, I want to be known as an artist,” she said. “I want to create something in this industry kasi I’m here na eh, sayang ang pagkakataon.”

She describes herself as workaholic and that she always uses her spare time to create something that will benefit her artistry.

Her star shines brighter this year. In the last 10 months, Gabbi has been in-demand magazine cover pick, and product endorser both here and abroad.

A new teleserye is on the way for her though she refuses to divulge further details.

Aside from showbiz work, she is taking up Music Business Management at Meridian International School.

Yet with all these things, Gabbi is sure “this is the most focused Gabbi ever.”

“I feel this is the perfect timing where I could fully express myself.”

Mic on

Gabbi has released her first single “All I Need” co-written and co-produced by Christian Bautista.

“Sobrang fulfilling as an artist, na dati nabi-visualize ko lang siya sa isip ko pero ngayon eto na siya,” she said of becoming a recording artist. “I’m slowly introducing myself into music, so paunti-unti until ma-recognize na rin ako ng mga tao as a singer.”

At the time of interview, “All I Need” was at number three on the iTunes chart. The teaser of the music video has garnered thousand of views on YouTube.

“All I Need” is about self-worth and self-empowerment, which Gabbi thinks everyone can relate to.

Eh? It’s not a love song?

“I guess mas humugot ako from my past experiences,” she said.

The music video was shot in Hong Kong. Gabbi described the place “very edgy, very gritty” – perfect for the sound of her music.

“We wanted something with neon lights, street lights. We went to different places sa Hong Kong na hindi gaanong pinupuntahan ng mga tao. There’s a basketball court na puro pastel colors. Basta cool siya, maganda,” she explained.

From her outfit to the shot angles, Gabbi said she was fully hands-on.

“It’s very artsy. It’s super different from all the music video nowadays,” she said.

Gabbi is on the cover of Inside Showbiz magazine depicted as singer “so it’s really special for me.” She is writing more songs for an upcoming album.


Since day one, Gabbi said she’s always been honest talking about the real score between her and Ruru Madrid.

She claims “there was never a label or commitment,” and their relationship is strictly platonic.

“We’re very close friends. Though we don’t have much time to catch up kasi we’re both busy with our own activities but we’re really okay,” she said.

On talks that Ruru is seeing someone now, Gabbi has no problem with it.

“I’m not 100 sure if he is seeing anyone now. He hasn’t told me anything so I don’t have any idea. Well, if he opens about it with me, walang problema sa akin,” she shared.

For Gabbi, she doesn’t feel the need to ask Ruru about it saying they really respect each other’s personal life.

But is it really okay with her, we prodded.

“Kung saan siya masaya, go! I don’t need to control him,” she noted. “He’s turning 20, it’s given also na I can go out with my friends. At tsaka we’re both very young, there’s so much in store for the both of us.”

Gabbi clarifies their love team is not really dismissed. It’s “exploring” – the term she used. The two will still have endorsements together. They play love team on the noontime show “Sunday PinaSaya.”

To fans clamoring for their partnership, Gabbi has this to say:

“We are very open to the fans ever since na we care for each other but we would prioritize our work first. We’re giving time for ourselves and it’s good for me, kasi slowly, I am putting my own path and direction as a solo artist.”

Gabbi, who claimed she has never been in a romantic relationship before, noted having a love life is still in her priorities.

“It will come naman eventually. Right now, I’m just enjoying my time as an artist. I have so much to do, work muna,” she said.

Be brave

Gabbi knows fame comes at a price – the loss of privacy. But no worries, she is willing to discuss personal matters.

“There’s a protective side of me when it comes to my privacy but that doesn’t mean, I’m gonna shoot everyone down,” she said.

Is she afraid of media?

“I don’t need to feel afraid of media kasi in the first place kaya ko po pinasok ito (showbiz) eh. I’m very vocal naman, I’m an extrovert.”

She loves giving her opinion on things.

“In this industry kasi, only few people are really brave enough to speak for themselves and I’m one of the few people who feel like that,” she explained. “It’s okay to speak up your mind sometimes because ’yun ang reality eh. Sabi nila we can’t have both worlds na artista ka at the same time may privacy ka. But for me, I’ll just be open about it na lang.”

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