Here’s Janno Gibbs’ reaction to his daughter’s engagement


The eldest daughter of Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga is getting married. 

Chi Gibbs announced on Instagram Monday night her engagement to her boyfriend of five years, Anton Cruz. 

“He picked my favorite spot in Sydney,” she wrote as she posted a photo of her beau dropping to his knees and asking for her hand in marriage at a scenic ocean cliff edge in Maroubra, Australia. 

“Little did I know, both our families (who flew all the way from Manila) were waiting to greet us after this! GREATEST. SURPRISE. OF. MY. LIFE!” she added. 

In an interview with Preen, Chi elaborated on why the spot meant so much to her. 

“I was born in the area and it’s a place I always visited growing up. On his first Australian visit a couple of years ago, I brought him to this spot so he knows it’s special to me,” she explained. 

On his Instagram account, Janno said that Anton had asked him and his wife for their permission first before proposing to their daughter. 

“My [Chi] is now engaged!! WTF!?? Hahaha! Kidding!” he quipped, before adding: “Anton surprised her with a proposal on her favorite spot in Sydney.”

“Anton had asked mine and Bing’s blessings way before our trip. Even his whole family came to Australia for this! With Chi having no clue whatsoever! 

“Anton has long been welcome in our family. Papa is genuinely happy for you, my little princess!” the singer gushed. 

Loyzaga, for her part, kept her message short and simple. “And now I gain a son,” said the actress, who has two daughters (Chi included) with Janno since getting married in 1990. 

Anton, for his message to Chi after hearing her say yes to his proposal, described his now fiance as the “hardest person to surprise.” He said: “I love you and can’t wait to spend forever.” 

The two recently marked their fifth anniversary as a couple, with Anton posting a short shout-out: “Can’t believe it’s been half a decade! Love youuuuu and thank you for everything!” 

There’s no exact date yet for the couple’s wedding. 

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