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By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda

For a freshman, the ringing of the school bell even in college brings back the same feeling of nervousness one felt during the first few days of kindergarten. Keep in mind, college is entirely a new world and it is survival of the fittest. However, there are helpful apps you can make use of to somehow get you through this new phase. Check out these apps that can pass as your school buddies:

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iStudiez Pro

This app has helped me survive my hectic school subjects. First, register your courses on the iStudiez app. The app will then alert you when your next class is. If you are annoyingly forgetful, then you can rely on this app to remind you of your due assignments, projects, and reports.

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If you always forget to bring your notebooks, Evernote could be a helpful app for jotting down notes. It even lets you sync documents like audios, videos, and photos. The app has overwhelming features such as checklists and reminders to help you be more organized.

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Some subjects may require memorizations, and that is where StudyBlue can be very helpful. StudyBlue lets you create flashcards — fit for things you have to remember.   You can use the flashcards as your guide.

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Babylon Translator

Babylon Translator packs dozens of languages made for your foreign language classes.

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Manage your finances with Mint. Make sure you still have some extra bucks after you bought all the books, and requirements you need.

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Having difficulties with words and their meanings?  Go grab your dictionary – the digital one that is.   It’ll help you better understand the meaning of the not so common words that you will encounter in college. has more than 2 million definitions, synonyms, and antonyms that are there just within your reach.

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RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc is your go-to buddy when you have simply forgotten to bring your calculator in school. It has all the exact features of a scientific calculator which is perfect for your exciting Math subjects.

No time is ever difficult as long as you have the right buddies with you. Make the most out of your resources.  Before you know it, you’ve just breezed through college.

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