Hashtags family devastated over Franco’s sudden death


In an interview on “Magandang Buhay” in August, Franco Hernandez said that it would take about a year or so for him and his fellow new members of Hashtags to form a strong bond between each other. 

Sadly, that dream won’t come true with Hernandez’s death on Saturday.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Wilbert Ross, who joined the group with Hernandez back in February, remembered his buddy as someone who was generous with praises and a person who likes to laugh. 

Maru Delgado wished that his death was a hoax.

Vitto Marquez made a collage of Hernandez’s photos and wrote: “Words cannot express what I am feeling. Mamimiss kita Franco. Mahal kita bro. Rest well my friend.” 

Ryle Tan posted photos from Halloween, when he and Hernandez dressed up as pineapple and viral comedian Piko Taro. “You were such a blessing, Franco. I hope you know that,” he said. 

Rayt Carreon described his passing as way too early. Hernandez was 26. 

Kid Yambao said he refuses to accept Hernandez’ death. 

Charles Kieron sent Hernandez a message. 

Some of the older Hashtags members were similarly shocked over Hernandez’s death. 

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