Harvard Revokes Acceptances for Students Over Obscene Memes and Racist Jokes


The Harvard Crimson reports that at least 10 students have found themselves no longer eligible for acceptance into Harvard after it was proven that they had participated in a group chat that exchanged obscene memes, racist slurs, among other posts that mocked victims of sexual assault. The student publication says it had obtained screenshots of the said group, formed outside the official Harvard Class of 2021 Facebook group, that verify these incidents.

At one point, the group was reportedly named “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens.” The report also obtained a confession from one of the students whose acceptance letter was rescinded that they were asked first by the admissions office to explain their actions following the reports.

Although the college spokesperson Rachel Dane maintains that the institution doesn’t speak of the admission status of students publicly, the report collected testimonies of the students who were part of the dubious social media group. One student, speaking anonymously, said that the admissions office asked them to submit explanation letters regarding behavior. They were also advised not to attend the orientation for new students which happened nearing the end of April. Soon enough, these students received word that their acceptance into Harvard was withdrawn and that the decision of the institute was final.

And that’s how you really teach people that sexual assault, racism, and obscenity is never acceptable in words or actions. None of these are matters to joke about, in public or private capacity.

[The Harvard Crimson]


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