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Taking care of your pregnant self


By Maita De Jesus

Maricar de Mesa was glowing and as gorgeous as ever—it showed that pregnancy agreed with her. The 38-year old-mom was all smiles when she graced her third baby shower, powered by Aprica, to celebrate her baby, Sky.

Blooming mother of three Actress Maricar de Mesa

Throughout the baby shower, family and friends would comment that Maricar looked amazing. When asked about her secrets to staying lovely while pregnant, she had these tips to give:

1. Do the exercise routine that your body knows already.

Maricar says that she’s always been into fitness, so she simply continued doing what she would normally do, with a few adjustments to keep the baby safe. “I like working out. I like Pilates and yoga. I’m still into that and I still do that, except now it’s prenatal yoga, twice a week. I try to go to the gym once or twice a week because I need to walk. It’s been a healthy pregnancy, as I can still bike.”

2. Watch what you eat.

It’s a given that there are certain things that a pregnant woman can’t eat or drink, and for Maricar, it was a challenge. “Even before I was pregnant, I ate anything I like. I don’t diet. Because of that, I was hospitalized because of acid reflux. It’s something I’ve had even before I was pregnant. So now that I’m down to a few more weeks, I’m a little careful about what I eat. My OB says that my baby’s weight is more than she should be, so I’m trying to maintain my weight now.”

3. Embrace the change in your social life.

Being pregnant brings a huge change in your life, including your social life. Maricar, who used to go out a lot and manage to run on a few hours of sleep every day, found herself getting tired by 10 p.m. “Unlike before, eh artista, we were used to tiring schedules. So I’ve cut back on that. I also get headaches when it’s noisy; I prefer the quiet now. Now I just like going to dinner, then afterwards I go home.”

4. Dress the bump wisely.

Maternity clothes lend comfort and support to the mommy-to-be, but there’s no need to go super all out when it comes to dressing the bump. Maricar bought a few pieces when she reached her second trimester while she was in the States, and raided her sister’s closet when she was in the Philippines. “She likes loose clothing, so I’m always at her walk-in closet when I need to go out!”

5. Surround yourself with the ones you love.

The big reveal of the father of Maricar’s baby is still coming up, but Maricar says that he’s been very supportive and caring throughout her pregnancy. He’s due to come to the Philippines soon to meet their baby girl. And her friends and family, who have been there since day one, have shown nothing but love, support, and dedication to both Sky and Maricar. “They were very happy for me, because they know how long I’ve been waiting for this one.”

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