Grooming secrets of Robi Domingo, Kiefer Ravena, John James Uy and David Guison


Men are now more conscious than ever about their looks—and it’s not just because they want to get the attention of the fairer sex.  

The willingness to do something to improve one’s appearance doesn’t mean that men are becoming more vain and insecure; and isn’t it reassuring to know that men are getting more interested in looking after themselves? 

“At a time when so much more is expected from men, it’s a good thing that men are raising their game when it comes to personal grooming.  Nowadays, looking your best isn’t about vanity, its about showing the world that you are capable of taking care of yourself, says Rizzalyn Tianzon, Watsons Sr. Category manager for Men’s Grooming.

To help the average man get to the next level of grooming, Watsons held the first ever “Bro Bootcamp,” a crash course to teach guys how to master personal care. From basic cleansing training, to showering, shaving and scent, all the way up to moisturizing.

“We’re here to help the modern gentleman upgrade and complete his grooming regimen by arming him with the “right weapons” – and by weapons, we mean the essential products that cleanse, refresh, moisturize, and shave,” adds Tianzon.

 TV host and Belo endorser Robi Domingo talks about facial cleansing 

Bro to bro

Leading the “Bootcamp” were basketball star Kiefer  Ravena, TV host Robi Domingo, actor John James Uy, and Fashion Blogger David Guison— four Bros who definitely know what they are talking about.

“As athletes we are taught to maintain a very fit and active lifestyle, so aside from team practice I also go to the gym a lot. You need to be very careful in taking care of our bodies kase eto ang puhunan namin so kasama na lahat dun from taking multivitamins, eating right and of course keeping ourselves clean,” says Ravena. 

Ravena said grooming and hygiene are even more important for athletes since they perspire a lot and often interact with fans after games when they are very sweaty.

“Always look sharp and clean,” is his advice to his Bros. “Good grooming speaks volumes about a man, it develops confidence and adds that much needed boost we need to accomplish the many different things they need to do in a day,” adds the Gillette brand ambassador.

Top cager Kiefer Ravena talks about grooming and basic hygiene

“A man should have a go-to trusty razor and shaving cream to achieve the manly art of shaving without hurting themselves.  Remember to wash your face first with warm water for up to three minutes to remove dead skin and avoid cuts, use a shaving gel to prevent razor burns, and let your shaver do all the work for you, then rinse it all out with cold water before finishing off with a splash of moisturizing aftershave. It will make you feel great and smell even greater,” suggests Ravena.

The next session was all about cleansing where Robi Domingo shared his tips on how to rid themselves of dirt and have a “clean base.”

“Cleansing preps the whole grooming process,” says the TV host.  “Shower once or twice a day and don’t forget to wash your face. Taking good care of your face and your body will lead to a good-smelling you, earns you a lot of pogi points during close encounters which, of course, is always a turn on.

Although he admits he is one of the cheapest and simplest guys you will meet, Doming says he takes personal hygiene and grooming seriously, after all, both his parents are doctors.

Fashion blogger David Guison shares tips on looking good and smelling good

“Millennials are expected to always succeed. So we have to look the part, and good grooming is one way to do it” says the Belo Man.

The next level of the Camp was perhaps the most overlooked step in their grooming regimen–moisturizing.

Cleansing may leave your skin free from impurities, and that’s good, but sometimes this also leads to dry skin.  

“Most men are guilty of taking for granted their skin. We tend to underestimate the power of a well-hydrated skin, says Nivea Men ambassador John James Uy.

Nivea Men is the pioneer brand when it comes to men’s grooming and the new Nivea Men Crème is the male version of the 100-year old classic Nivea Creme.

“Men need to moisturize because it can prevent the effects of damaging environmental influences and stress and to restore nutrients to the skin.”

 Actor John James Uy discusses steps on how to keep your skin hydrated 

“The Nivea Men Creme is a face moisturizer developed specifically to meet the needs of men’s skin; the light and non-greasy formula absorbs super fast and leaves nothing but well-moisturized and healthy looking skin and it comes in a fresh masculine scent.

Finally, it’s not enough to be clean; you’ve got to smell clean too. So the Bro Camp ended with a “refreshing” session with David Guison who talked about the Axe Effect.

“A lot of guys underestimate the importance of getting that scent in check. Start with the basic deodorant; then spray on a light fragrance or cologne to complete your look, says Guison.

“Fragrances are a great, yet simple way to express yourself. Every guy has their unique personality and it’s great that Axe really helps them bring this out with their wide range of fragrances. Each one is unique, so you know that no matter what your personality is, there is a right fragrance for you.”

“Gone are the days when people judge you as vain for trying to look your best. It’s about taking full advantage of every edge you can. Whether it’s for a job interview, a first date, or in pretty much every other daily battle you face- the guy who looks like he’s got it together has the upper hand, says Tianzon.

Armed with manly knowledge and a swag bag full of grooming goods from Nivea Men, Gillette, Belo Men, Axe, Pond’s Men, Old Spice, Freshman, Adidas, Watsons Men Razor, Watsons Nose Pore Strips, and Press N’ Mix Hair Color, Watsons recruits left the even fully equipped to up their grooming games.

If you want to do the same, then do yourself a favor, Bro and head to a Watsons and pick up some essentials from the Men’s Zone.

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