Gov’t To Tap Other Telcos If China Telecom Doesn’t Push Through


Photo via AFP

But there has been no indications of problems so far

The Duterte administration is hell bent in getting a third telco player in the Philippines, and has said that if China Telecom can’t work with the limitations of business ownership in the country, it’s open to inviting other players into the market.

“If, for any reason this is not acceptable to China Telecom, then we have no choice. We gave China the option but if this is not acceptable to it, unfortunately we will have to look for other players because we will have to honor what the constitution provides,” Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said yesterday.

The 1987 Constitution puts a 40% ownership cap on foreign businesses, which means China Telecom will need to partner with a local outfit if it’s to proceed in the country.

But Roque clarified that China Telecom has so far not expressed any problems or concerns with the limit put forth by the constitution.

“There are no indications that China Telecom does not want to push through with the project,” said Roque.

President Duterte earlier mandated the Department of Information and Communications Technology and National Telecommunications Commission to ensure that the 3rd telecom provider will be up and about by the first quarter of 2018.

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