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Michael Lhuillier

Continuing decades of family collaboration and commitment, Michael Lhuillier takes over the leadership of the M Lhuillier Financial Services Group of Companies as the new president and CEO. His father Michel, who served the position for over 30 years, made the announcement in December 2016, placing the future of the family-owned pawn brokering, jewelry and remittance chain in the hands of his second son.

Before stepping into the position in January this year, Michael was the executive vice president of the company for 20 years, and 5 years prior as the chief marketing officer.

M Lhuillier sure has gone a long way, but Michael is excited to take it even farther. He’s ready to explore new horizons, and recognizing the constant changes in technology, he starts by keeping up with its pace.

Seeing as how people and everything else has quickly gone digital, he takes M Lhuillier to that direction with a mobile app that’s set to launch soon. “We are introducing an app which you can use to send money. You load your account and transfer funds, mobile phone to mobile phone. You can do a cash-out from any ML branch, you can pay bills, and you can use it to buy load for your phone. These are simple things but I actually want to do more. I want to give its users more power, I want them to be able to maximize its use.”

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