Go for your dreams, go for the win


“My fellow ambassadors even said that it is not doubtful for me to win because I am from a very competitive and well-driven national government agency.” – Daniel S. Agan, Mister Earth Philippines – Water 2017/2018

Daniel Sabandal Agan, 28, of Brgy. Tacas, Jaro, Iloilo City was crowned Mister Earth Philippines – Water 2017/2018 in the recently concluded Mister Earth Philippines competition held at the Tanghalang Pasigueño, Pasig City recently.

Agan was one of the 27 ambassadors who vied for the crown in the eighth edition of Mister Earth Philippines.

He defines himself as an independent individual who always wanted to do significant activities that can be inspiring to everyone. With this recent accomplishment, he plans to continue his advocacy by introducing more innovative environmental activities.

“I will always be an ordinary person who will never stop believing that our Earth is Our Home,” Agan said.

For almost three years now, Agan works as Administrative Assistant III/ Sr. Bookkeeper at the Department of Trade and Industry Regional Office VI.

He graduated cum laude at the University of Iloilo in 2009 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management Accounting.


Q: What is Mister Earth Philippines?

Daniel S. Agan (DSA): Mister Earth Philippines is a search for Male Ambassadors who will become Prime Leaders in advocating Environmental Welfare and Sustainable Development. The pageant is not just all about good looks and physique but it is all about an individual who can formulate an advocacy and implement it by outsourcing activities to public and private entities. Mister  Earth Philippines is in its 8th edition and 20 years of existence.


Q: What motivated you to join MEP?

DSA: At first, I just wanted to join so that Iloilo City will have a representative. I never thought that the pageant will require all ambassadors to create advocacies and implement it in their respective cities, municipalities or provinces. I have been dreaming of having an advocacy for a long time and when the MEP Organization came along, I then exerted my efforts to create one and implement it the best way I can.


Q: What was your advocacy?

DSA: I focused on three factors, namely, the youth, the environment and being part in the accomplishment of various environmental programs in the community. I called it “Youth Environment Support: YES, You Can!”

YES caters to the concerns of our environment and gathers volunteers to conduct creative and innovative environmental activities. It orients, trains and educates volunteers to be more equipped and skilled in facilitating environmental activities – to include tree growing, clean-up drives, camps, orientations, forums and workshops to constantly remind people of their responsibility in preserving Mother Nature. It will also build partnerships with private establishments/entities in the conduct of environmental activities in upland places to benefit the indigenous people.


Q: How did your work in DTI helped you?

DSA: Being exposed to DTI activities and as an Account Officer of some of the activities held by the DTI-AFMD, it helped me a lot especially in facilitating and organizing activities from preparations of proposal to its implementation.

DTI is one of the contributing factors why I was able to prepare a good proposal and defend it to the panel. My fellow ambassadors even said that it is not doubtful for me to win because I am from a very competitive and well-driven national government agency.


What are your activities?

DSA: I have made some courtesy calls with the city and municipality mayors, met with environmentalists, joined environmental activities, outreach programs and implementation of my advocacy. The MEP gave all ambassadors a six-month period to create and implement advocacies and present all activities made at the panel presentation of Leadership and Environmental Action Plan (LEAP).

I also conducted other activities, like:

-Tree Planting in partnership with private establishments/entities

-Outreach programs cum environmental activities in partnership with private establishments/entities

-Clean-up drives in coordination with LGUs and schools

-Environmental orientation in coordination with NGOs; and

-Camp in the city


How did you prepare for the event?

DSA: I focused on environmental activities since it bore a big ratio on determining the Top 10 Youth Leaders of the MEP. Along with it, I had regular workout to make my body toned for the competition.


What is you secret in winning as one of the Elemental Kings?

DSA: There is no secret in achieving your dreams. To be successful, you have to be passionate in every endeavor you are into. In my case, I represented the city’s pride and honor. And, I have shown them that I have the heart in serving Mother Nature.


What are you plans?

DSA: I will continue to implement the activities that I have started. I have to propel my advocacies to a higher level with focus on water-related activities to align with my title as Mister Earth Philippines – Water.


What is your message to those who want to achieve their dreams?

DSA:  Never forget the people who have helped you along the way in reaching your goals. Always look back and be thankful of them. I would also like to thank the people who have been assisting me in my advocacy in the city and in the whole province. We will pursue what we have started. Together, we can make things move one by one.

As Mister Earth Philippines – Water 2017/2018, I will continue to create innovative environmental activities to constantly orient everyone on environmental welfare. I will make everyone more aware that the Earth is Our Home.

I believe that I can make a difference in my own way and with His guidance.

Salamat Guid sa Tanan! Iloilo, Sulong! (DTI)

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