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Miss Philippines-Earth will present this year beautiful and inspiring women from different municipalities and cities here and abroad.

(From left): Karen Ibasco, Jessica Rose McEwen, Anne Krishia Antonio, Samantha Viktoria Acosta, and Nikkie Elizaldet (Photo by Rio Leonelle Deluvio/Manila Bulletin)

The delegates started their community eco-activities last March, this, as part of their advocacy to fight climate change through the 5R’s: Re-think, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Respect.

Bulletin Entertainment caught up with some of the aspirants who shared their thoughts on the environment, their favorite sites in the country, as well as the important lessons in life their father taught them in line with Father’s Day celebration next month.


Anne Krishia Antonio is a 22-year-old Sociology graduate from University of Diliman. She works as an Executive Research Assistant at Asia’s Select.

Advocacy: “My advocacy is called ‘Earth matters,’ which aim to promote environmental awareness in the business community because I always deal with executives from various companies.

“I’ll be in partnership with companies and go there to talk about the environment. I think that would make a big impact in the environment. We already have a lot of people focusing on the education sector, public sector, that I thought of getting into the business or private sector.”

Favorite destination: “I went to Palawan in Puerto Prinsesa and El Nido. There’s no over exaggerating here but it’s really beautiful there. No wonder it’s a ‘wonder.’”

Lessons from her father: “I am a daughter of a single mom, my parents got separated when I was on fourth grade and last year my father died.

“One thing I learned from him is… It’s the lesson that I’ve learned in a hard way, that you don’t always have tomorrow. Because the last text I got from him he told me he missed me so much, he wanted to see me but I was too busy for him. I never thought that will be the last chance to meet him and let him feel my love.

“But I will always treasure this lesson because I realize that I’m actually not too busy to go out of my way, to meet the person I love. To make them realize that I care for them.

“And it all applies to all aspects, I don’t always have tomorrow, if there’s something I have to do, I have to do it now. I have to accomplish it today whether it’s making the special people of my life feel the love or accomplishing my tasks at work, or improving myself.”


Karen Ibasco, 26, is a former math and physics teacher from UST. She currently works as a medical physicist.

Advocacy: “I am advocating for the conservation of energy and the use of renewable and sustainable energy over fossil fuel.”

Favorite destination: “I recently went to Coron, Palawan and I fell in love with the place. I was the person who’s afraid to go down the water but when I saw the beauty of Palawan I couldn’t help myself but do it. That’s how beautiful it was.”

Lessons from her father: “My Dad is my role model. He is the person who supported me all the way. He was the one who was most proud when I graduated.

“I really look up to my Dad. Aside from being God-fearing, he is a purpose driven person. He told us the importance of prudence. For me, I believe that is what you should learn from a man. It is being wise in knowing whatever you have to know, to avoid the danger ahead. You just have to always think in the long term not just the short term.”


Born and raised in New Zealand, Jessica Rose McEwen is a 20-year-old Mass Communication graduate.

Advocacy: “To help restore Mother Earth back to its former beauty. And the first phase of that is to implement nature studies in the elementary curriculum. Because I believe the children, they will be our future, and what they learn, they will bring to fore and hopefully make our world a better place.”

Favorite destination: “The loveliest place I had been to so far is Puerto Prinsesa. I really want to go back there because the places that we went, like the Underground River, are just so magical.”

Lesson from her father: “My dad is a very shy person. When we came to the Philippines, it was really hard for him because he didn’t know how to communicate.

“But when I joined pageants he was there the whole time to support me. I was very shy in the start and he hated that. He didn’t want me to be shy like him. He tells me ‘You can’t do anything if you’re shy. You have to go up there and show yourself to the world.’

“What he told me is if you’re going to do something, well you might as well do it in the best you can do. Give it your all.”


Samantha Viktoria Acosta is a 19-year-old entrepreneurship student at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Advocacy: “I am taking Entrepreneurial management because I want to harness and improve my entrepreneurial skills which are interpersonal skill and leadership skill.

“I believe that through my skills I could promote my advocacy for Ms. Philippines Earth which is ‘Green time.’ It is an environmental awareness campaign aimed at the youth. It encourages them to allot at least five minutes of their time everyday to do something meaningful for the environment.

“It is because I believe that no matter how small it is, for Mother Earth it can be a beginning of something big, and alone you could make a difference and together you can make an impact.”

Favorite destination: “My favorite Philippine destination is Legaspi, Albay.

“I got to experience snorkeling and zip-line there and I believe that as candidate of Ms. Philippines Earth, we are really bound to experience those kinds of nature activities.”

Lessons from her father: “My father taught me how to be a woman of God, he has given me the opportunity to always give my best in everything I do and no matter what step I take, he will always be there watching me, whether I fall or get to the top.

“Whenever I feel sad he will always be there to crack a joke and make me feel happy. I believe if it’s not for him I wouldn’t be the woman who is always thankful to God and a woman who is striving to be the best I can be.
“What I can advise to all of you is to love your father as you love your mother.”


Nikkie Elizalde is a Mass Communication graduate from St. Scholastica Manila.

The 26-year-old beauty queen works as a medical representative.

Advocacy: “My advocacy is about Bayanihan. I think we can work together to raise knowledge and awareness about the state of Earth and eventually look for solutions that are effective and relevant.

“With the slogan ‘Bayanihan Para Sa kalikasan,’ basically I will go on tour, giving environmental talks, seminars, most specifically to the youth so that together we could look for possible solutions that would address our environmental issues and problems.”

Favorite destination: “I’ve been to Ilocos and Vigan and they’re very nice. And I’m very happy with the fact that they’re still preserving it. It was my first time to go there and I find Calle Crisologo very beautiful.

Lesson from her father: “My Dad is very traditional and he believes studies comes first above everything. He was like ‘’Wag ka munang mag-boyfriend until hindi ka pa graduate.’ ’Yun ’yung mga bagay na I really appreciate because I am not who I am today if it weren’t for his reminders.

“That is what I wanted to impart also to my future children na they should really value kung ano ’yung core nating mga Filipino.”

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