Get your home all ready for the holidays


THE popular home lifestyle store Our Home celebrates the season of cheer with the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), showcasing contemporary Christmas interiors styled by the school’s alumni and stylists.

This black-, white-, gold- and silver-themed Christmas tree styled by Carol Santos will definitely give any room a modern Christmas vibe

“Our Home for the holidays brings the best of the yuletide season as it presents varied ways of celebrating the season of joy, peace and love,” PSID Dean Jie Pambid says. “Our Home presents the best of the holiday season in furniture, furnishings and accessories as we creatively style six different holiday vignettes as curated by the best designers and stylists from the PSID.”

These vignettes include Industrial, Scandinavian, Neo-Baroque, Modern, Traditional Classic and Mid-Century Modern themes for different personalities and lifestyles.

The Industrial theme centers on the use of iron, concrete, wood and bricks. Raw and rough with a certain penchant for a vibe that is urban and cosmopolitan, the Industrial aesthetic is for those with a strong personal style and who are not afraid of thinking out of the box. To create this look, PSID designers put together pieces like the leather sofa and cast iron accent table creating a look that is personal and individual.

Simplicity and functionality characterize the Scandinavian design movement that started making waves in the 1950s.

Pops of colors make this Mid-Century Modern Christmas-themed room festive.

Furniture pieces that have been labeled as stylish and modern with a very distinct retro vibe make this design trend a staple in interior design, especially with people who have a timeless feel for the classy and the functional.

Neo-Baroque expressions highlight the details that made the opulent and extravant baroque style famous in the 17th and 18th century. The “neo” version, though, employs the use of achromatic tones, with the same love for crystals and mirrors and a lot of tufted furniture.

Modern styles transcend timelines and present a fresh and novel way of mixing and matching pieces that describe an urban and cosmopolitan way of life. These are statement pieces that evoke a lifestyle that’s hip and stylish, sophisticated and eclectic bordering on unique and individual.

Modern styles often are a reflection of personality, tastes and refinements, delving on a certain way of life—fast paced, utilitarian and chic.

Traditional Classic styles and pieces that have withstood the boundaries of time—timeless, elegant and with a certain old-world charm. Influenced by a strong sense of history, these are pieces reserved for those with discerning tastes, a critical design palate, and who value a sense of nostalgia.

Mid-Century Modern styles were brought about by an iconic design development from 1933 to 1965. The movement highlights furniture pieces that have become mainstays of tasteful, current and trendy interiors and have brought back the class and elegance of vintage styles.

There’s more to Christmas cheer than the classic red and green, so indulge your yuletide aesthetic any way you please at Our Home.

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