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By Jonas Reyes

FREE GEORGE – “George”, the Olive Reedly turtle rescued by a fisherman seven years ago, is released back to the wild by officials of the Ocean Adventure Marine Theme Park at Camayan Beach Resort on Tuesday, which was also marked worldwide as Sea Turtle Day. (Jonas Reyes)

Subic Bay Freeport — The Ocean Adventure Marine Theme Park here appropriately marked Sea Turtle Day last Tuesday by releasing “George”, a rescued Olive Ridley or Pacific sea turtle, to his natural marine habitat, after simple rites at Camayan Beach Resort.

“George” accordiong to his caretaker, was brought to Ocean Adventure in 2010 by Olongapo City fisherman Rodrigo Poblete.

Poblete found “George” at a beach when he was still a juvenile sea turtle that weighed only two kilos.

Poblete kept the juvenile sea turtle as a pet for over a year until “George” grew to proportions that would eventually outgrow the kiddie pool he was in.

Poblete turned over the sea turtle to the local government unit of Olongapo, which then referred him to Wildlife In Need (WIN) Rescue Center.

WIN brought “George” to Ocean Adventure where he was rehabilitated and properly nourished.

Veterinarians conducted monthly physical examinations to ensure his health.  And after several months of close monitoring, he was moved to the large natural lagoon where other rescued sea turtles are kept.

Eventually, officials of the Ocean Adventure Rescue and Rehabilitation Center decided that George is ready to be released in the wild.

The theme park held a short program, supporting the OARRC’s mission to help save and protect marine wildlife.

Currently, the marine theme park has rescued 62 sea turtles, including 19 Hawksbill sea turtles, 16 Green Sea turtles, and 27 Olive Ridley sea turtles.

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