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Tristan’s Ice Cream Candy, an ice candy with the richness of ice cream, is now creating a buzz among dessert lovers.  Concocted by Tristan Cristobal, a former OFW turned entrepreneur, the story of the ice cream candy’s success started when he was still an accountant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  When he returned to the country, he got his first business breakthrough at a DMCI Homes community called Cedar Crest, located at Acacia Estates in Taguig City.

“I decided to venture into this business after being inspired by a concept from a friend,” said Tristan, as he narrated the journey of how he perfected ice cream-making while working abroad.

“The Cedar Crest community was really the first to believe in my product,” he recalled. “It’s really hard to find people who will give you the opportunity. Luckily, the convenience store here gave me the chance, starting with buying 50 pieces late last year.”

Tristan Cristobal beside the pool area of Cedar Crest.

Cedar Crest is a medium-rise enclave that has been home to the Cristobal family for over five years. For Tristan, it is both a sanctuary and a springboard for his business.

He launched his ice cream candy during Cedar Crest’s video feasts, which is a gathering that spread God’s Word in a series of recorded talks. After the celebration, Tristan distributed samples of his product to let his neighbors taste his homemade ice cream candy which comes in different flavors such as pandan, caramel, strawberry, chocolate, and more.

From then on, the community convenience store began placing orders which increased over the months. The number of Tristan’s resellers eventually grew and now reaches Las Pinas, Parañaque, and Novaliches.  The product even caught the attention of morning TV show Unang Hirit and was recently featured in the program.

Tristan also notes that making ice cream candy is one of his investments to help secure the future for himself and his family. Apart from his ice cream candy business, one of the things he is passionate about is helping his fellow OFWs save money and get back home to their families.

Hence, during his last two years abroad, Tristan and his wife became active in the Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy.

“Through Angat Pilipinas, I led talks on financial literacy to help my fellow OFWs build the future that they want within their envisioned timeframe. The advocacy is about educating OFWs to use their earnings wisely,” he said.

As his ice cream candy business continues to grow, Tristan’s day also becomes busier.  He personally packages and delivers the orders. Fortunately, coming home to Cedar Crest has always been a relaxing experience for Tristan and his family, beginning from the arrival at the entrance gate all the way to their two-bedroom unit.

“When we first visited the place five years ago, it was already love at first sight,” he recalled. “We were newly married back then and looking for a house of our own. We fell in love with the ambiance and the environment.”

Tristan finds peace of mind and comfort at the condominium community, and appreciates its safety and security which is ideal for his children.

“I think the community is perfect for raising a family. Coming home here takes away all my stress. It feels as if you’re not in the city. There are lots of trees and fresh air throughout the condo. The amenities are designed well and the Property Management Office is proactive in addressing concerns and holding events which everyone in the community enjoys,” he concluded.

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