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“I still eat like a child!”

That’s what Sandara Park answered when asked if she was picky with food.

Funfare went on a virtual food trip with Sandara and Thunder in connection with their 12-episode show One Night Trip, the International Edition which started airing Oct. 10 at 11 p.m. on Cablelink Channel 222, Cignal (DTH) Channel 81, Destiny Cable Channel 75/Channel 45, SkyCable Channel 145, and Channel 191 (HD). Together with Sam YG and Grace Lee, Sandara and Thunder host the Philippine episode airing on Dec. 5 

By adapting the format of popular Korean travel/food program of the same name, the International Edition added Asian local celebrities to hype up the competition. Asian celebrities complete a 48-hour travel tour with a simple mission — Eat, Play and Compete!

The other hosts: Jung Jun-young, Cho Sae-ho, Hsu Chia-yang and Waa wei (Taiwan); Nakjoon Park, Ericx Nam and He Ying-ying (Singapore); Hong Suk-chun, Cho Sae-ho (again) and Lee Ki-chan (Malaysia). Divided into four groups, the celebrity foodies set off for a gourmet frenzy in the four countries. The International Edition differs from the original Korean One Night Food Trip because it requires the stars to do more than just eat; it also entails as many missions as they can complete.

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Each team travels separately to two destinations within the same country with an aim to accomplish as many missions as they can, involving local food, culture, attractions, basically everything local.

Once the team completes a mission, it receives a chop on their “One Night Food Trip Passport.” After 48 hours, the team with the most number of chops receives the “Golden Passport” as a token to its winning.

Sandara is a Filipino at heart having started her career here. For her role as “bridge” between Filipino and South Korean cultures, Sandara was given a plaque of appreciation by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

Park Sang-hyun is Sandara’s brother, better known by his stage name Thunder. Like Sandara, Thunder is a fashionable idol, a singer/songwriter who is former member of South Korean boy band MBLAQ. His self-titled debut extended play as a solo artist was released in December last year. The music video for the promotional single Sign features Sandara.

A brief “food trip” chat with Sandara and Thunder:

It’s your first time to host a show together. How do you blend with Grace and Sam YG? 

Sandara: The chemistry among the four of us is fun.

Because my brother and I couldn’t eat well, we did some voice imitation or dancing to get more stamps. But the other team ate very well. The styles of the two teams are really different so that will be the fun part to watch.

Thunder: We had fun working together and it’s very obvious on the show.

What did you discover as you explored two different destinations in the Philippines as far as Filipino cuisine was concerned?

Sandara: Always Jollibee for me, hahaha!!! And Kenny Rogers, too!”

Thunder: I have tasted many Filipino foods. I like sisig, sinigang and pinakbet.

Are you picky when it comes to food (what’s your favorite comfort food)? 

Sandara: I eat a lot of hamburgers! I still eat like a child!

Thunder: Yes, I am picky with food. I think I am childish when it comes to food selection. I can’t eat raw fish or anything that looks odd. I love sweets, salty and spicy food, and meat dishes.

What kind of competition does the show feature (describe mechanics and prizes, if any, are at stake)?

Sandara: The prize is golden passport. We really wanted to get that prize for our mother, so we did our best to get more stamps. We did many things so that part will be fun to watch.”

Thunder: It’s simple and lots of fun. The team that eats more is the winner.

What can we as audience expect to learn from the show (aside from being entertained)? 

Sandara: There’s a lot of delicious Philippine foods in the show like sisig, longganisa, etc. I think seeing those foods as an audience will inspire them to make their own food trip around the Philippines!

Thunder: Aside from the variety of food in every region of the Philippines, you will also appreciate more the beauty of the places that we visited.

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