Five excuses we are not listening to this New Year


And so a new year begins in our fitness lives. We are given three 365 days with which to sweat, lift, jump, run and stretch—toward making amazing transformations. We owe it to ourselves to turn into better, fitter versions of the person staring back at us in the mirror.

The year 2018, as with previous years, will be filled with roadblocks. Excuses will face-off with our will-power. Which one will emerge with their hand raised in victory is all up to us. Here is a list of  five common excuses we will not be listening to this year. Let’s show them the door.

No time to work out

Time is dispensed equally. We all have 24 hours in a day to fit everything in—work, friends, family, school and more work. We hardly have time for anything else, right? Wrong. We create time for exercise. It doesn’t need to be a daily two-hour gym sessions. Let’s start off by allotting 30 minutes of our day for some physical activity. Let’s wake up 30 minutes earlier—or slice 30 minutes off from our social-media time—to do jumping jacks, push-ups, jog in place, or run around  the block. Surely, we carve out 30 minutes in a day if it means getting in shape and changing our lives for the better.

I’m always tired

It’s time to break from this vicious cycle of thinking that we are too tired to work out, then ending up sedentary,  which only makes us more tired. Let us set our thoughts on fire and put our minds in the proper state where we are able to motivate ourselves to take the first step. Consider this: Exercising, will, in the long run, make us more energetic since it will get more blood and oxygen into our bodies, thus increasing our energy levels. So yes, exercise will make you more energetic. Whenever this excuse pops up in your head, just think of how it has shackled you, and kept you from being fit. Overpower this psychological ball and chain, lace up your sneakers and never look back.

I don’t like physical activity

The thought of getting sweaty and exerting effort does not appeal to you, therefore, you opt to forego exercise altogether and go on your merry way. But wait; there are exercise options, which require less physical exertion than others. Like certain types of yoga, for instance or, perhaps, Pilates.  If you find running to be too intense, try regular leisurely walks. Instead of giving in to this excuse, consider options that may eventually be your gateway activity.

I don’t want to spend for the gym

The good news is, you don’t have to. If the free workout vouchers have run out and paying membership dues is an obligation you do not want, you can always work out from home.  Invest in a pair of dumbbells, which will cost less than having to deal with monthly dues—then check out various full-body exercise options online. You will be surprised at the wealth of options YouTube exercise channels can provide with just a set of dumbbells.

Working out bores me

You are easily bored and find it difficult to last a full minute on the treadmill or running on the pavement. All the things you’ve tried just won’t cut it. The key here is to find something that you truly enjoy doing. Perhaps, you just haven’t found what it is that will set your passions into over-drive. Try various sports and activities until you hit that spot where your passions are unleashed and your heart rate races to unchartered territory. Maybe it’s Zumba, crossFit, Capoiera, pole dancing, swimming, boxing or parkour. Seek out what excites you. It will have you coming back for more.  Let this be your mantra for 2018

“New year, new you” is a ubiquitous tagline, which sometimes ends up being just that—an empty tagline and unfulfilled promise to ourselves. But not in 2018. This is the year we get things done. Here’s to the seductive charm of new beginnings.

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