Fireworks and hope | BusinessMirror


Here’s a trivial confession to start the year: Never have I seen a movie on the big screen without peeping at the projector.

While the rest of the audience members watch the film with full attention, I turn away momentarily from the screen to look at the back of the theater and steal a quick glance at the dancing lights that come from the small, luminescent square hole. I do this once in every movie session, regardless if it’s just the trailers or the climax. Such is how force of habit goes, I guess.

Perhaps, the closest explanation I have for developing this quirk is my penchant to survey the environment to get a more complete picture of things. I’ve always been drawn to dynamics and reactions. Just this New Year’s Eve, this habit to observe drew another manifestation.

I didn’t just focus on the fireworks. I was equally interested in watching how people respond to the captivating pyrotechnics.

There were the usual ohhs and ahhs to go with each explosive bang. Children jumped up and down. Adults blew trumpets and shared laughs and hugs. There was joy around but, more so, also hope.

This is the reason I think that the best time of the year is this week, the first one of January. People are rich of well-wishes, both for others and for themselves. They are united by the same goal of betterment, both for each other and the world. They are brimming with confidence and optimism, on a hunt to conquer.

And all of those were in full display during that countdown. Many clutched their hands together

while watching the fireworks above, while others flashed a bright smile with even brighter eyes. Collective optimism was palpable. It was beautiful to watch—all of it.


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