Filipinas among world’s 500 inspiring female entrepreneurs


H&M Foundation Global Manager Diana Amini poses with portraits of women on its Foundation 500 list of female entrepreneurs in emerging markets in Stockholm, Sweden, June 2, 2017. Picture taken June 2, 2017. Anna Ringstrom, Reuters

MANILA – Filipinas are among the world’s top 500 entrepreneurs, according to a new list that challenges gender stereotypes and shines the spotlight on success stories in emerging markets.

The Foundation 500, compiled by Sweden’s H&M Foundation and the humanitarian agency CARE, aims to empower women in developing countries to break from poverty, according to a statement announcing the list on Thursday.

“The entrepreneur is the hero of our time, and it is estimated that over the coming years over 1 billion women will enter the workforce – a majority through entrepreneurship,” said Diana Amini, Global Manager at H&M Foundation.

Unlike male CEOs, these struggling female entrepreneurs rarely make it on magazine covers, she said.

“Born with zero privilege, the women portrayed in the Foundation 500 list have made their own fortunes in the harshest of startup-environments. Yet, their stories often go untold,” said supermodel and H&M Foundation Ambassador Alek Wek.

“I wish I had seen women like these on the cover of business magazines when I grew up in South Sudan,” Wek said.

The Filipinas on the list include:

ANNALIZA CAINDOC, Founder, Caindoc Teas

ELISA DUGA, CEO, Duga Peanut Butter

EVA DIAZ, owner, Eva’s Pastries

LOURDES TOLONES, owner, Tolones Weaving

SUSANA MACHICA, owner, Susana’s Ladies Wear

JONA CHAVEZ, President, Chavez General Store

LOLITA ATIENZA, owner, Lolita’s Bags

NELY PEDRO, president, Pedro fruits

MAYBELLE LIZA, founder, Liza Fish

DARIA VINCULADO, president, Vinculado Grocers

HEROINA DUMANCAS, owner, Dumancas Poultry


ESTEFANIA SARMIENTO, founder, Abaca Weaving

EVELYN NECOR, founder, Recycled Rugs

CECILLE CORIO, founder, Nito Crafts

MARIA SAMILLANO, owner, Samillano Greens

CECILLE CORIO, founder, Nito Crafts


ROSEMARIE ESPAGO, president, Espago Bamboo Furniture

GINA OQUENDO, owner, Ice Candy

ERLINDA ZAMORA, founder, Zamoras Eatery

HELEN ASAYAS, owner, Asayas Carfts

AMALIA NECOR, owner, Bariw

MARILOU BARNABE, owner, Barnabe Crafts

EVELYN TANGILE, CEO, Tangile Vegetables

ROSELL SELORIO, owner, Selorio Ice

MA. LIDA CORTEL, owner, Cortel Delicacies

JUBETH LACHICA, president, Lachica Pastries


NERI INTO, owner, Into Ginger Tea

HERMENIA DELGADI, owner, Hermenias

CLARITA MIAGA, president, Grow Organic

LIBERATA VERSOZA, owner, Liberata’s Dresses

CORAZON ALBARACIN, CEO, Albaracin Plantation

HELEN BACALSO, owner, Helen’s Goat Dairy

MARIVIC BERMUDO, owner, Bermundo Fish

JENALYN BELTRAN, CEO, Beltran Chicken Farms

ANABELLE MACASIL, owner, Macasil Souvenirs

MAILA ALOLO, founder, Maila Beauty

FE LOPEZ, owner, Lopez Delicacies

MAGDALENA FRANCISCO, owner, Francisco Trading

NEOLY MENDOZA, founder, Mendoza Linnen

ELISA AGUIRRE, owner, Aguirre Organic Compost

BELLA MIGUELLO, president, Honey Bees

JENELYN PATRICIO, founder Patricio Construction


ASUNCION FRANCISCO, owner, Francisco Ropes

ANA LEA FRANCISCO, owner, Francisco Sewing

JUDY PATON-OG, owner, Judy’s Fishery

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