Filipina posts video footage of alleged attack in Eagle Rock


On Tuesday, November 7, a Filipina woman was eating in her car in the Eagle Rock Plaza parking lot in Los Angeles, when she was allegedly assaulted by another woman who used racist remarks.

Quiggle Ignacio, a registered nurse and model, took to social media on Wednesday, November 8 to describe the incident, and to get any leads on who the woman and the woman’s male companion were.

“I was sitting quietly in my car around 2:20 p.m., eating my meal and hurrying up excited to meet my friend,” said Ignacio in the post that was shared on Facebook and Instagram.

The female assaulter, who was said to be pushing a grocery cart with her baby in it, reportedly hit the car.  Unsure if the woman would say anything, Ignacio decided to wait.  The woman then reportedly began to yell at her, using obscene language.

“She passed my car and started yelling, ‘what are you looking at b*tch?,” Ignacio wrote in her Facebook post which included more quotes of racist remarks.

Ignacio said she then got out of her car to confront the woman when the woman’s male companion came to the scene and said, “Don’t talk to her like that!  F*ck you chinky Asian!  Go back to your country b*tch!”

The man and woman then began to accuse Ignacio of yelling at them, according to Ignacio.  That’s when she took her phone out.

“I took my phone to record the damage and to get their plate number but the woman hid the plate with the cart,” said Ignacio in her post.

In the video, Ignacio is heard defending herself from the couple who accuse her of screaming in front of their baby.

“No, no. You yelled at me — everybody knows, everybody knows,” said Ignacio in the video.

The other woman, also seemingly videoing with her phone, continued with her verbal assaults.

“They hit my car and yelled at me for what?  Why did you yell at me?” Ignacio is heard asking in the video.

The woman then approaches Ignacio and aggressively grabs her phone after which the footage stops.

In addition to the video, Ignacio posted several photos showing the facial injuries she said came from the incident.

“I had to defend myself but the emotional and psychological damage is harder to heal,” she said in the post.

On Wednesday, November 8, Ignacio told KTLA that she was unable to get the vehicle’s license plate number, but filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department.

She was also examined by paramedics for her injuries, according to Huffington Post. (Rae Ann Varona/AJPress)

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