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This year, Penguin has decided to do something special, by celebrating both fathers and their brand’s heritage. On Father’s Day weekend, a photo gallery showing generations of fathers and sons will be on display.

Four sets of stylish fathers and sons have decided to share with us the reasons that make their relationships special: the Pumarens, the Del Rosarios, the Yupangcos, and the Rodriguezes.

When asked about his father’s style, Luigi Pumaren shares, “My dad style is very casual. But then he also likes wearing items that stand out. So if you notice, he has polos or shirts that are printed. He likes wearing printed stuff.”

It isn’t hard to imagine that coach and former professional basketball player Franz Pumaren and his son Luigi bond over basketball and watching the NBA. The two, however, love to go out to watch movies and eat as well. “I will always look up to him as a man of principle and values,” Luigi says, adding, “I hope to be as great of a person as he is one day.”

Mariano del Rosario and his son Anton also have things to say about the way each other dresses. “Anton is the epitome of cool,” Mariano shares. “This guy, I mean he’s old school you know,” Anton says, to which his father jokes, ‘Are you saying I’m old?”

“Old school in the tennis player or preppy style, and that’s what’s good with Penguin. You can go preppy one day but then you can mix it up with a plaid shirt, for example. You can even go street with it,” Anton clarifies.

Having a son of his own, Anton shares that he wants to pass down to him the values his father taught him: “He told us not to be scared to fight the battles, and just go past it. I guess that’s what he instilled in us, this fighting spirit. We try hard and we push; I think that’s why we’ve become successful as athletes.”

When asked about what he likes most about the style of his father, real estate developer Rick Yupangco, the young Jaime quickly replies, “Jackets!” Although he has a lot more to say when asked about what he likes most about his father: “I like it when he helps me, or when we ride roller coasters and stuff.” The two agreed that they both bond over their sense of adventure.

“What do I want to pass on to him? It’s really just to have a personal relationship with Christ, to know who God is. And also, to always have that passion to do what he likes to do and just go after it,” Rick shares.

On his style, businessman Marco Rodriguez shares, “My father has a very conservative fashion style and likes to stick to the classics. I’ve definitely taken after him but have likewise grown to be experimental over the years. Being married to a fashion designer has made me adopt more color and prints in my wardrobe!”

Marco’s father has definitely left an impact on his son, and not just in terms of style. He says he hopes to pass down to his son the values that his father had taught him, specifically hard work and resiliency.

His son, on the other hand, is attracted to bright colors: “I enjoy it when my wife makes shirts for Alejandro out of the same fabric. He enjoys wearing bright colors, and exhibits an easygoing style with his shorts, sandals, or sneakers.”

Fathers will always be there to teach us some of life’s important lessons. And as these pairs show us, the bond with our fathers will always be special and unique. With Father’s Day coming up, we shouldn’t forget to be appreciative of how they brighten up our days.

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