Eyes On Acer’s Beastly Predator Orion 9000


Everything about it screams overkill

ACER officially took the wraps off of new products in their Predator gaming line, and if there’s one product that stole the show, it’s their Predator Orion 9000. While it’s not as crazy as say their curved display, dual GPU Predator 21 X, it still has plenty of craziness under the hood.

Let’s start with the exterior: it’s a massive chassis was co-developed with famed case maker Cooler Master to deliver the best thermal performance possible. It has two gigantic fans in the front that circulate air inside the case to cool the top-tier internals that comes with the desktop when you buy it. There’s lots of fully customizable LED lights scattered around the desktop which is pretty much par for the course for gaming products nowadays.

ACER’s made on of the side panels on the Orion 9000 transparent so you can see the hardware beating underneath, utilizing a mesh design to keep unwanted electronic signals from getting in, or out, of the case. There’s a latch on the side that allows easy access if you want to replace the innards, and the thing even has wheels so it’ll be easy to wheel out during LAN parties.

It’s the desktop’s internals that are the real star of the show here though. The Predator Orion 9000 utilizes the Core i9 Extreme Edition processor, which is Intel’s new 18-core and 36 thread monstrosity. The processor is liquid cooled thanks to Cooler Master’s tech, and there’s enough hardware slots to fit in up to 128GB of RAM and an insane amount of storage.

The star of the show is obviously the GPUs that the Predator Orion 9000 comes with – there’s two choices here: four(!) AMD Vega GPUs running together, or two NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti’s SLI’d. That’s an insane amount of hardware running under the hood of a desktop, which basically guarantees that the desktop can run whatever game you want on 4K without any problems.

ACER hasn’t given us any solid numbers on local pricing for the Predator Orion 9000 as of yet, and has only committed a price of around $1,999 or around Php 102K for the starting configuration of the desktop when it arrives later this year.

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