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Abstracts have long been a staple of the visual art forms. Abstract paintings, sculpture, textile art, digital art—all serve to lure the audience into a different perspective. Even the moving arts, such as dance, tend to stray from the norms and incorporate free-flowing steps that can be considered abstractions.

The Zone V Camera Club hopes to expand one’s mind and visions as the group stages a year-end photo exhibit titled Expanded Visions at the Mega Atrium (second level), SM Megamall on November 10-14.

On display is a collection of the members’ foray into the psychedelic world of abstract photography. Abstraction in the world of photography is a special challenge. The work must maintain a link with the natural or objective world, a limitation not normally found or expected from the more traditional art forms.

  • A Sanso-inspired image (Jay Camus)

  • Spinning Lights (Jay Camus)

The success of the photographic abstract stems from the original subject as well as the final result. It is important that the real subject be visible or discernible. Perhaps, the process may even serve to draw the audience in as they come up with their own interpretation of the art work.

Convoluted angles, motion blur either from the camera or the subject, multiple or layered images, closeups or macro photography, are just some of the more common tools of the trade.

Zone V Camera Club, is an independent club of photographers coming from various professions and callings, united with the ideal of building on their passion of photography as an art form.

The club serves as a venue for the development of each member’s photography skills. This is achieved through monthly photo contests that aim to challenge the members to view the world with a fresh, new perspective.

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