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Last week, we talked about another Data Protection Officers Assembly, held in Taguig with members from the Business Process Outsourcing sector. That was the fifth iteration of our DPO assemblies; this week, to drive home the point of how we’re ramping up our efforts even more, we held the DPO 6 in partnership with the Internet Society(ISOC).

Raymund E. Liboro
Chairman, National Privacy Commission

Around a hundred participants attended the DPO 6 here in the GSIS Building. This time around, we had our mass media professionals and representatives from media organizations, as well as some independent social media influencers. Media, of course, is another essential sector: They handle the data of their sources and the people they interview for stories; the sensitive nature of their jobs requires that they be vigilant against potential threats to the security of their files.

Our goals stand: To set the standards for the professional practice of DPO among media organizations and professionals in the context of privacy in journalistic pursuits, and among organizations operating online; to reinforce the sectors societal mission of championing civil liberties by upholding their data privacy obligations and advocating for the protection of people’s privacy rights; to develop a facility for addressing the distinct concerns of media practitioners and media organizations with the privacy law; to clearly communicate the expected minimum standards for data privacy compliance for media institutions, journalists, and social media influencers; to equip participants with all the basic tools and learning resources they need to jumpstart DPA compliance; and to serve as a venue for sharing and exploring good data privacy practices in the sector.national privacy commission

I am happy to report that all of these objectives were achieved, and our efforts to constantly refine and strengthen DPOs from the media will, by all indications, be sustained as they echo their learnings back to their organizations. Even beyond that, we see the media as an integral ally in the mission to elevate the level of public discourse as regards data privacy and security. With the level of insight and engagement we witnessed during the DPO6, I am certain that they will affirm our message and reiterate it to their respective audiences. After all, the battle to raise awareness should not only happen in conference halls and small sectoral pockets: It should happen, and is already happening, in the realm of tangible realities, in our day-to-day lives as data subjects in an age where information, as they say, has already become the most valuable resource.

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