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BASS PH is launching a project to help improve internet in the country, and they need the Filipinos to make this possible. BASS wants to empower you to become #BantayInternet agents, by letting your voices be heard for the development of internet speed in Philippines.

You will need to download the mobile app, BASS PH. It is an app developed by an independent company that measures bandwidth and signal strength of an area. You can visit them in www.projectbass.org to learn more about them and download the app.

The data collected by the BASS app will be sent to the BASS HQ where it will be analyzed for comprehensive readings.

The Manila Bulletin TechNews will then publish the findings daily. This way the public will be able to see for themselves the state of the internet in the Philippines.

The purpose of this project is to alert telcos if they need to make adjustments in certain areas, such as increasing bandwidth. This is also to encourage the government to build infrastructure to improve internet services in the country.

In a previous interview, BASS founder, Wilson Chua, said, “BASS project is our effort at creating a unified map of the mobile internet for the entire country. This is a community, crowd-based system, where the internet is measured by netizens, who are invested, or passionate, in what they’re doing will help Philippine internet.”

However, the telcos cannot improve internet all by themselves. They will need the government’s support, through constant building and expanding of infrastructures to support the flow of the internet.

The data collected with BASS is to encourage the government to have the necessary infrastructures needed to be built.

The BASS app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. The app is free and as soon you finished downloading it, you can begin measuring the internet speed of your current area.

BASS PH encourages #BantayInternet Agents to constantly use the app: When you’re at home, in the office, while stuck in traffic, anywhere. They will need all the data they can use.

The idea behind BASS PH is not to rise up against the telcos or the government, but to become partners for development and progress. BASS is a community effort and it will need as much volunteers as possible to meet its goals.



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