Editorial: Why I’m Disappointed With The Razer Phone


It’s just another flagship Android device

I was extremely excited at the possibility of a proper gaming phone, made by people who had PC gaming in their DNA. Razer’s purchase of Nexbit gave me hope that a proper gaming phone was still possible, despite the failures of the Nokia N-gage and the Sony Xperia Play. I expected something that would try to be different, something that would make me excited about playing games on a phone again.

What I did not expect was the boring Razer Phone.

For a company that wants to be the benchmark for gamers, Razer sure did design a pretty boring-looking phone. It’s big, square and looks to have the ergonomics of a brick, something you’d probably don’t want to be holding for extended periods of time – like when you’re playing games on it.

Design aside, the biggest problem with the Razer phone is that it’s simply just another flagship phone in a sea of flagship smartphones in 2017. Sure, it has that nice 120Hz display going for it, as well as two front facing speakers, but that’s all for nothing if developers don’t get on board. See, most Android games are locked in either 30 or 60FPS, and most of the display that’s on top-tier phones that Razer’s device is going up against already has the ability to go up to 60FPS. Unless Razer manages to convince every single one of top-tier Android game devs the option to unlock the frames of their games, there isn’t really a point to the 120Hz screen aside from looking nice.

I’m a little disappointed that Razer did not announce any kind of studio or software partnership or even peripherals to go with their phone at launch. As it is, the Razer phone looks good, but there’s really no reason to go for it instead of a OnePlus 5 (or 5T), Huawei Mate 10, Samsung Galaxy S8, or any other great flagships that already have proven themselves with great software, hardware and design DNA. Aside from the Razer name, there’s really nothing in their phone that screams “gamer”, which really makes this old, ornery gamer sad.

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