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By Genalyn Kabiling 

 President Duterte intends to declassify military information about the grave security threat posed by the Islamic State in the country.

 The President said he plans to make public the intelligence data provided by security agencies about the terror group which he described as a “very toxic enemy.”

 “I’ll get some of the materials furnished me by the intelligence. There is nothing sacred there or secrets. I’ll open it to the public, for the public to (know), the analysis of the intelligence community of government,” Duterte said during a press conference in Davao City last Thursday night.

 “Wala akong nakitang sikreto doon [I don’t see any secrets there] Not a thing that is not — what’s not really known to the public anyway,” he said.

President Rodrigo Duterte

 Duterte said it was time for the public to “get a firsthand knowledge” of the kind of enemy the government troops are battling in the south.

 He said the Islamic State is a “revolution” that is fighting people “for no reason at all.

 The group has “no redeeming value” because its only goal is to kill and destroy, according to the President. Its brutality was 100 times more than the threat posed by the communist rebels in the country, he noted.

 “It has nothing to do with Islam or Christianity or Judaism. But it is an activity that is dedicated to the destruction of mankind. Wala silang gawain (They don’t have work) except to destroy and kill and that puts us in a very grave danger,” he said.

 Duterte acknowledged that the Marawi conflict is now a fight between the government and the ISIS, saying the Maute members were just the “personalities.”

 “And you can now tell as we start to unravel the situation in Marawi, they have cut the heads of Muslims and Christians alike,” he said.

 He said the militants were aided by foreign terror suspects, some of whom were killed in the fighting. He said there were four Caucasian men and several Indonesians spotted in Marawi.

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