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ENVISIONED – In cinema lingo Director’s Cut refers too the film version as envisioned by “the captain of the ship” – referring to the director who has over-all command and responsibility on the movie set.

But then the director’s wish is not always followed owing to many considerations,like commercial viability.The Director’s Cut is too long and must be shortened.. Or too sexy or violent scenes which must be edited out. And so what is shown in theaters is not the Director’s Cut…more of the producer’s cut, if one may call it that.

After all, the producer’s money is at stake. Either, to use showbiz lingo, “Lotlot de Leon” (loser) or Winwyn Marquez (winner) at the box-office.

But to console the director he is alllowed to have his own version (uncensored)…perhaps to be shown abroad (international filmfests). Or in a private screenings.

‘DIRECTORS’ CUTS’ – Highspeed selects some items from the book “Hollywood Babble On” by Boze Hadleigh, particularly the chapter “Directors’ Cuts.” Which is gossipy and bitchy.

Here they are:

She has breasts of granite and a mind like gruyere cheese– Billy Wilder on Marilyn Monroe.

Still on MM from Otto Preminger – Directing her was like directing Lassie. You needed 14 takes to get one right.

As a beauty, Dolores del Rio is in a class with Garbo. Then she opens her mouth and becomes Minnie Mouse – John Ford.

I gave Anthony Perkins his first big break. But don’t blame me – that’s Hollywood, folks! – George Cukor.

Elizabeth Taylor is still a primitive – sort of the Grandma Moses of acting. – Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

(To be fair, Liz later became a very fine actress. Think of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe,” which gave her an Oscar.)

Brando and I, we want to kill each other (during the shooting of “Burns”), so we decide it is better not to talk to each other, to avoid blood and more unpleasantness. – Gillo Pontecorvo.

Leave it to Hollywood to take the few genuine no-talent in England, bring them over here, and try and make stars of guys like Farley Granger and Roger Moore! – Richard Brooks.

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