Did You Spot These ’80s References In ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two?


If you have finished binge-watching season two of Stranger Things, keep reading. If you haven’t, bookmark and come back to this because this story is filled with spoilers. Ever since the first season, fans and ’80s geeks have been spotting easter eggs left and right and this season is no exception. The references and callbacks made in these chapters are even more entertaining to spot so we thought we’d come up with a list and explain some in case you missed it.


Before the show premiered, people were raving about the trailers and the ’80s references. One in particular was the cast’s Ghostbusters costumes. The film that came out in 1984 focuses on a team of scientists who chance upon a gateway to another dimension and battle the supernatural. The theme is similar to that of Stranger Things in the sense that there is a gate open to the Upside Down and they try to kill off demogorgons and demodogs.

Risky Business

This season, Steve and Nancy attend a high school Halloween party. Here you will see costumes that reference ’80s pop culture. One that might have caught your attention was Steve and Nancy’s couple costume. They were actually dressed as Joel and Lana from Risky Business. It may not have been obvious because Steve wasn’t wearing the iconic pink button down and socks.


Similar to first season, the second season of Stranger Things calls back to E.T. The scene where El sneaks up behind Hopper to ask if she could go trick or treating is a nod to the ’80s movie. Here she is wearing a white sheet over her head just like E.T.

Pretty in Pink

An ’80s-themed TV show wouldn’t be complete without a school dance scene. During the snow ball, we see Dustin’s transformation. His hair was slicked back (thanks to Steve’s tips) and he donned and blue suit and bowtie. This brings back memories of Duckie’s entrance at the prom in Pretty in Pink. He also might not have gotten the girl he was going for but he still got to dance with a pretty lady.

The Goonies

Season two of Stranger Things brought in many new characters, like Bob. For those of you who don’t know, Sean Astin (Bob) starred in the 1985 film The Goonies. It was an action adventure movie that followed a group of friends and a treasure map. In chapter five of Stranger Things, Mike, Will, and Joyce ask Bob for help. While looking at Will’s maze and the X mark on the map, Bob says, “Yeah? What’s at the X? Pirate Treasure?” This is a callback to one of lines in The Goonies where he talks about pirate treasure.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

When Joyce and Bob finally rescue Hopper, he doesn’t leave without first picking up his hat from the floor. This is similar to what Indiana Jones does in Temple of Doom. As he escapes the temple, his hat falls off and he makes a last-minute grab before the door shuts behind him.


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