Did Taylor Swift’s Songwriter Throw Major Shade at MTV VMA Host Katy Perry?


There’s no elephant in the room, there’s just the fact that Taylor Swift is set to debut her music video for “Look at What You Made Me Do” this MTV VMA 2017 which Katy Perry is hosting. Swifty songwriter Jack Antonoff knows this and he seems to be part of the shade parade.

Twitter noticed his bored expression as he ate a banana during Katy’s intro spiel.

Ooh, looks like there is a case here. And Twitter, is just fueling the feud.

Though Katy went on record saying she’s forgiven Taylor, it’s clear that Taylor, with her diss track and her “revenge is mine” attitude isn’t having it.

Jack, who worked with other singers like Sara Bareilles and Troye Sivan, is credited for co-writing three songs in Taylor’s fifth album, 1989. He is also currently the boyfriend of Lena Dunham.


Photo courtesy of Bustle

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