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If he were to become President


By Aaron Recuenco

Director General Ronald dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said he would triple and even quadruple the monthly salary of the policemen.

Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa (Manila Bulletin File Photo)

That is if he were the President, according to the chief PNP during his speech Monday.

“If you would ask me, it would be more than what the President had said. The President said he would double the salary, I will tell the retirees that if Bato had his way, I will triple it,” dela Rosa joked.

“Wait until Bato becomes president, your salary would be quadrupled,” he added.

Dela Rosa, whose nickname is Bato, made the statement in reaction to rumors circulating among the police community that some retirees are mad at the chief PNP for being excluded in the salary increase of policemen.

What prompted him to react is that there is already circulating rumors that the PNP had already submitted to Malacañang a position paper that excludes the retirees.

And the worst part, according to him, is that the blame is specifically directed at him.

“That is not true, this is still being worked out by our Technical Working Group,” said dela Rosa.

At DBM’S mercy

Dela Rosa said that even if the President really wanted to double the salary of policemen and soldiers, the reality is that the promise still lies on the advice of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

“Even if we all want the increase, we are still at the mercy of the policies being crafted by Malacañang. If the DBM said they really have no money, what can we do?” said dela Rosa.

The salary increase for policemen is expected to be implemented in January next year, which is anchored in the campaign promise of President Duterte to double the salary of policemen and soldiers.

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