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EAR FRIENDS – November 1 (All Saints Day) and November 2 (All Souls Day), we remember the dearly departed, always with prayers and at times with flowers.

Not too long ago, this columnist lost four dear friends.

Colleagues Bibsy Carballo and Mario Hernando, producer Donna Villa, and director Gil Portes. Spent many a memorable day with them. Bibsy and I were all over Europe for more than a month, with Madrid as our “home base.” In New York, I stayed twice with the Portes family (Gil, wife Telly, and sons Carlo and Justin), On landline, Mario and I were “telebabad” early on. How could forget the thoughful Donna. She with the lovely face and generous heart.

To date I miss their presence, their company.

Also dearly missed are Angie Magbanua, Mar d’Guzman Cruz, Emy Abuan, Bob Castillo, Mar Cornes.

PMPC PRESIDENTS – I served as president of the Philippine Movie Press Club in the mid-’70s. Sadly, some former PMPC presidents are gone.

Danny Villanueva, Andy Salao, Franklin Cabaluna, Tony Mortel, Billy Balbastro, Hermie Francisco, Ernie Pecho.

Whatever happen to Boy C. de Guia? Up to now, no one really knows.

But still very much around are Ethel Ramos, Letty Celi, Vero Samio, Nora Calderon, Nene Riego, Melba Llanera, Julie Bonifacio, Ricky Calderon, Jun Nardo, Joe Barrameda, Roldan Castro, Rommel Gonzales, Fernan de Guzman.

REMEMBERING – Also gone and remembered are other journalists.

Alfie Lorenzo, Arthur Quinto, Babette Villaruel, Archie de Calma, Dindo Rivera, Meng Magno, George Gagui, Max T. Ramos, Manolo Inigo, Pianong Quizon, Minnie Narciso, Johnny Perez, Gus Sta. Ana, Ike Isaac, Pat Gonzales, Bing Cruz, Ricky Agcaoili, Tim Olivarez, Rustom Quinton, Rudy Navarro, Louie Beltran, Letty Jimenez Magsanoc, Bella Angeles Abangan, Simplicio Simon, Neal Cruz, Oskee Salazar.

And last but not the least is one of my best friends, Manny Fernandez, who died in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. He died in the loving arms of wife Aida, daughter Jane, son-in-law Dan Killen, and granddaughter Krissie.

I editored his book on Carmen Rosales, published by Danny Dolor. He said that after the publication of Carmen’s book he could die with a smile. True enough, Manny died a year after.

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