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By Yas Ocampo

Davao City – The local government here is deploying 1,750 security and auxiliary personnel in the city’s 30 cemeteries, nine of which are being operated by the city.

Davao City Map (via Google Map/Manila Bulletin)

According to the city’s Assistant Administrator for Operations Lawrence Bantiding, additional personnel will be assigned to the cemeteries to augment the initial batch of 157 policemen and auxiliary personnel who were deployed as early as Monday, October 30.

The entire contingent will be in place at the cemeteries until Saturday, November 4.

The city has begun preparations at the cemeteries with workers trimming overgrown grass, re-painting walls and graves, and restoring and installing signages.

Among the most cemeteries that are expected to be packed on November 1 and 2 are the Davao Memorial Park along MacArthur Highway, and the Wireless Cemetery.

Bantiding said that the city has also tasked the City Transport and Traffic Management Office to make sure that traffic will be orderly during the observance.

The local government here has hired a new caterer which will cater food to police and other auxiliary personnel while at-work in the different cemeteries.

According to the city’s Assistant Administrator for Operations Lawrence Bantiding, the city government has already blacklisted the former caterer after last year’s contingent complained that the meals were delivered late.

Bantiding said  the city has also specified in its bid documents a list of items that should be included in the food service.

The menu should not include meals with high moisture content, such as soups and broth-based recipes, with the food likely to be limited to fried meals with rice.

“Preparations for food of that volume take time, so there’s a high risk of spoilage,” Bantiding said.

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