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Story & photos by Patrick P. Tulfo

DID you know that Jay Leno is not only known as the host of the popular TV program that also bears his name before?

He is also a well-known car collector, with at least 130 cars and 93 bikes parked on his humongous garage. These numbers do not include his collections of engines.

Battery sense monitor will always let you know the state of your vehicle’s battery.

So, it’s not surprising that when you open CTEK web site (the acknowledged authority in battery maintenance and smart chargers in the world), you’ll find Leno endorsing the products, as well. As he found out how easy it is to use the CTEK products, that deliver its promise to lengthen the lifespan of vehicle batteries— thereby saving him money in the long run.

The company’s newest offerings will not only excite Jay Leno but, more important, 4×4 enthusiasts who like to go off-road whenever their schedule permits.

CTEK Philippines recently launched two new products that will complement their existing lineup of reliable smart chargers. The two new products that will surely get the attention of car owners are the battery sense monitor and the new D250S Dual charger.

The battery sense monitor, as the name implies monitors, keeps tracks of the health of vehicles battery by sending a message via Bluetooth to your smartphone (Android or IOS) on the current condition of your car battery. There is no need to worry on data use if you are a prepaid subscriber.

CTEK’s latest and current offerings in the market

The monitor is very convenient and easy to use as car owners just need to attach it to the battery’s terminal and download the app on either their android devices or iPhones.

The battery sense monitor sends continues information on the user’s devices and even keeps records of past measurements and, more important, informs the owner if there is a need to charge their vehicle’s battery to keep it in tip-top shape.

The tiny monitor replaces the important battery meter gauge that was common on vehicles that came out in the 1970s and 1980s and it is a perfect partner for the CTEK battery charger.

Meanwhile, the new D250S dual charger was designed specifically for off-roaders and 4x4s enthusiasts who love the great outdoors. And just like the other CTEK models, it’s very easy to use, all one should do is attached it a DC power, source, such as alternators, solar and even wind power, and the dual charger will do the rest.

Heavily modified Jeep Wranglers were displayed outside the venue as they are the intended users of the D250S Dual Chargers.

Those who like to rough it up outdoors and use their 4x4s battery to power gadgets, like a mini fridge or camp lights, should have one of these as there is nothing worse than to get stuck in the wild where cell-phone signal is very rare depending one’s location.

This wonderful gizmo was designed specifically for modern vehicles, like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Navara D40, which are equipped with modern alternators that use less fuel to meet the strict emission standards.

It is also IP65 rated, meaning it is splash-proof and dust-proof and thereby made for outdoor use. It also protects the vehicles electronics, which can be expensive affair when damaged and is suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries, such as Wet, Mf, Gel and AGM. And best of all, it comes with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

To learn more about this latest offerings and the company’s other smart chargers, as well, visit the official CTEK Facebook page www.facebook.com/CTEK.Ph.

Image Credits: Patrick P. Tulfo

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