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By Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. – Maya Angelou

‘DEADMA WALKING’ RECOMMENDED: When all is said and done, it’s time to reflect on what has been happening at the on-going Metro Manila Film Festival. The fest runs until Jan. 7, 2018 everywhere, including the provinces.

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Two films, “Deadma Walking” and “Siargao,” have been hogging social media for their artistic merits and high human interest value. What do you think?

Top entertainment editor and columnist Isah V. Red has this to say about T-Rex Entertainment’s “Deadma Walking”:

“If there’s a movie, apart from ‘Ang Larawan,’ that I’m recommending, it is ‘Deadma Walking.’ It’s an intelligent film about two male gay friends and their funny but touching friendship.

“Watch Edgar Allan Guzman who plays a flamboyant gay performer in a theater and how he nails the character. Also, Joross Gamboa, the businessman who is the counterpoint of Edgar Allan’s character. It’s well written in the mould of classic Greek tragedy (kudos to Erik Cabahug) and well-directed by Jules Alfonso.

“This is a very intelligent film. It should have won Best Picture,” says Mr. Red.

‘SIARGAO’ REVIEWED: On the other hand, Concept News Central wrote thus.

“Siargao” tries very hard to create conflict and drama, but there really is none. It actually forces the conflict and drama by showing the characters’ eyes welling up with tears, or in more dramatic cases, making the tears roll down their cheeks. The “love triangle” is emphasized with shots of Curtis-Smith’s perpetually sad face (such a waste of talent), and Gonzales’ worried expression.

“Siargao’’ was named second best picture in MMFF 2017.

MILLENNIAL ANGST: Feisty entertainment columnist Alwin Ignacio appraises the same film, “Siargao”:

“Sa SIARGAO, bidang-bida ang existential angst, ang drama of the peeps now na dapat anything and everything about their lives chronicled and in full broadcast sa kanilang mga kauri na pulos trivial ang pursuits. Tapos ang mga emotada encarnacion pa nila, the world owes them so much kasi nga ‘yung problema nila ang pinakamalaki at pinaka-importante sa lahat kaya kailangan pa talaga nilang pumunta sa ibang lugar para makalimot. Di ba, may budget at pangkabuhayan package ang mga tauhan sa pelikula, huh. Hahahaha. Dati Gin Bulag at kwek-kwek ka lang at pa-morningang kwentuhan, ayos na. Parang isang mahabang DOT video ang pelikula. Ganda!

“Siempre, pasok sa banga si Jericho Rosales, his puppy dog eyes spoke in volumes. Mas lalong speaking in volumes ang hubad baro niyang katawan at ang mga utong niyang may slight na buhok! Bwahahahaha. Pero mas panalo ang katawang lupa, pa-utong at pa-kili-kili ni Luke Landrigan.

“May isang eksena sa pelikula na finally convinced ako na nakaka-arte pala itong si Erich Gonzales, ‘yung emotada encarnacion scene niya na hindi niya alam ang favourite popcorn flavour niya. Di ba, gaga lang, may pang-bikini katawan ka na nga, popcorn flavour lang, iiyakan mo pa. Ang arte!

“Jasmine Curtis Smith as always, was divine. Neng, lagi kang magaling. Dapat sa iyo ma-gurlisan na. Hahahahaha.”

BEST ACTORS DAPAT: On the handing out of awards, here’s more from Alwin:

“Para sa akin, dapat si Joross Gamboa at Edgar Allan Guzman ang best actor. Si EA, ginawang best supporting actor na isang malaking kagagahan.’’

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