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By Kaye Estoista-Koo

Eighty-five percent of Filipina women wear the wrong bra size.

Let that sink in for a few moments, because given those numbers, you could very well be among them.

Avon Philippines’ marketing director Jean Reyes was herself shocked at the results. The reason can be traced back to when young ladies first start wearing brassieres in their teenage years.

Reyes reveals, “The body shapes change in time but people end up sticking to the same size from high school, claiming they are 32A when in fact, the measurements for under bust and center bust, for cup size, change as we grow slimmer, longer, or add weight as we age.”

That is why women end up slouching and not standing confidently. Reyes says “If the bra is higher in the back it means it’s the wrong size. When wearing a wrong bra size, under a normal cotton shirt, you see bulked portions that look like they are biting into the skin. This affects posture and restricts circulation.”

  • Confidencetial Files Avon’s Confidence is the new sexy campaign pushes for body positivity among men and women

Avon is pushing for more body positivity with their Confidence is the New Sexy campaign.

“When women have the right fit, good quality, and a comfortable design, they can embrace all of who they are, imperfections and all,” she says.

Avon Philippines, has been pushing for women empowerment. Reyes adds, “If you have the perfect fit, it gives you the confidence. Confidence equals being sexy.”

With this campaign, they also hope to contribute to shutting down body shaming. “You see, with the Millennials, women now really talk about, are more open, more opinionated, and not afraid of speaking their minds, so they can embrace who they are and what they feel. Avon is helping women make a statement,” Reyes remarks.

Reyes admits that this campaign is for everyone who wears a bra, regardless of gender.

“It should be, it’s for everyone, it is for any person, for any personality, it shouldn’t be gender-based. If you are bold enough, confidence is really sexy.”

Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel is the biggest category under Avon and it continues to grow because the needs change. The bodies of Avon users now need girdles, body shapers, and lifestyle underwear.

Reyes says, “Avon, being lifestyle-based, in all categories, knows the trends are now about the consumer and what he/she wants about the product, it adjusts to what he/she is doing. We are expanding the active line because of the athleisure trend.”

She adds that the styles are constantly evolving, whereas before, it was just about function, now it also includes helping make quality choices for the consumer and evolving to their lifestyle.

For the June to September collection, they came out with a lot of prints, laces, push-ups that enhance the curves and bolder styles that are not alienating to the Filipina user.

Right now, Avon is in more than 100 countries with more than six million Avon ladies worldwide. The Philippines belongs to top 10 overall but in the Asia-Pacific, Avon Philippines is number one.

Fashion for all

Avon Fashions launched their new collection, highlighted by the Jamila Bra and Panty Set, in an unconvential manner by inviting four confidently sexy women of all shapes and sizes to share their Confidence-tial Files. The four ladies from the world of theater delivered vulnerable, powerful monologues to debunk body stereotypes by focusing on celebrating a woman’s body, imperfections, flaws, and all.

Caisa Borromeo represented, all the athletic women, Marrone Cruz spoke for all the petite women, Kakki Teodoro stood up for all the curvaceous women, and Sarah Facuri set the bar for all the plus-size women.

They proclaimed the message that while women may be curvy, strong, petite, or fuller-sized, a woman’s skin tells her story, her bones show her strength, her muscles remind of her endurance, and her shape reflects her unique identity.

Coming out in two outfit changes, the four ladies showcased the fit, fashion, and function of the new Avon Fashions collection and how it can make any woman feel confident.

Daniel Matsunaga for Men’s Club

At the launch of their new collection, Avon Fashions also launched the first ever male celebrity ambassador for Men’s Club in the Philippines.

“We picked Daniel Matsunaga, because he has appeal,” she says. “ He is also the perfect modern gentleman and he captures that masculinity we are looking for.” Matsunaga says, “I also want to celebrate body positivity and self love among women. There is something sexy about the woman who feels sure about herself and her roles in life.”

His diet and workout regimen to achieve his underwear-ready body?

“I did a lot of crossfit, a lot of football, gym, and I have a business called Healthy House where we deliver food to your house. So I had a lot of meat, fiber, but less carbs.”

The colors of the Men’s Club by Avon Fashions are bright and young, with trendy designs made from cotton-soft fabrics in an all-day comfortable fit.

Check out or go to Avon Philippines on Facebook to connect with your Avon Representative, if you don’t have one in your neighborhood yet.

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