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Personnel of Western Visayas Sanitarium sought the media to air their concerns against OIC-Medical Center Chief Dr. Gary Ong in a press conference held recently. (Ricky D. Alejo)

THE MANAGEMENT of Western Visayas Sanitarium in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo is again bugged by controversies, this time on alleged corruption and abuse.

In a letter addressed to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, the concerned hospital personnel complained about the alleged incompetence and abuse of OIC-Medical Center Chief (MCC) Dr. Gary U. Ong.

According to the complaint, Dr. Ong was installed by Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Paulyn Rosell-Ubial in April 2017 “with strong goals to eliminate graft and corruption as well as illegal drug trades.”

“The leadership of Dr. Ong is unique where he verbally condemned corrupt practices but embraces its benefits,” the complaint said.

“To effectively undertake the different strategies, he engaged the services of renowned dishonest and unethical personnel to perform various undertakings in his behalf,” it added.

The personnel claimed that a certain Nenita Sumagaysay, former head of the Nutrition and Dietetics Service allegedly violated Republic Act 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act.

“Mrs. Sumagaysay fraudulently falsified various receipts and pertinent documents to defraud the government and enriched herself by committing qualified theft activities. Her scheme is to utilize fake receipts and present tampered official receipts to facilitate the replenishment of budget,” the personnel.

Sumagaysay was then removed from office.

They added that there was a video to prove that “the receipts being used to present the purchases were taken from a store that does not sell the most of the items” in the official receipts.

The complaint further stated that it was discovered that “one company with two different kinds of receipts, two proprietors, different Taxpayer Identification Number (TINS), and chronologically printed receipt series number were used to defraud the management.”

Upon his assumption, the complainants said Dr. Ong designated Sumagaysay as Petty Cash Custodian for a budget worth P200,000 of the same office.

The concerned personnel claimed that despite Sumagaysay’s disqualification and pending uncleared purchases due to lack of supporting documents, she was still nominated.

“To materialize the scheme Dr. Ong harassed and threatened the Material Management Unit Head-Designate Mrs. Shella Sustento to approve and sign the mentioned documents even the papers are incomplete. Since Mrs. Sustento refused to obey she was removed from her office and was replaced by another. To finalize the ploy, Dr. Ong fraudulently approved and signed the anomalous documents to fast track the budget replenishment without an authority,” the complaint stated.

“Pending facilitation of the aforecited, Dr. Ong simultaneously facilitated the issuance of the three vouchers to source the above budget replenishment through his co-principal Dr. Gemma M. Suelo, chief of Medical Professional Staff. Again, Dr. Ong threatened the Finance Department Personnel to assure the issuance of the said vouchers. To be secured and not to be implicated to the dishonest and corrupt activities of Dr. Ong, the finance personnel crafted a letter of disclaimer that they protest to the issuance of the vouchers per Section 105, Republic Act 1445 but will still issue the same in compliance to the directive of the OIC-MCC as not to be declared and sanctioned for insubordination,” it added.

The personnel said they have already brought their concerns to various authorities.

A complaint was filed to DOH-6 Regional Office on May 23, 2017 and a letter soliciting support was sent to second district Rep. Arcadio Gorriceta.

“The personal motto of Dr. Ong that he always conveys to the WVS Personnel are ‘You do your shit, I’ll do my shit’ and ‘Touch me and I’ll touch you more’,” they said.

The Daily Guardian called DOH-6 Director Marlyn Convocar and Rep. Gorriceta for an interview through their personal numbers but to no avail.

The sanitarium was previously put in the limelight due to the controversial relief of its former chief Dr. Annabelle De Guzman.

De Guzman was replaced by Dr. Feman Rene Autahay.

Dr. Reina Paz Gilo-Alipao took over the position of Autahay and was later on replaced by Dr. Roel Jarina.

Dr. Ong then assumed the WVS top office, replacing Jarina.

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