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Coffee lover rejoice, Nespresso is now in the Philippines


By AA Patawaran

MORE THAN JUST COFFEE Clockwise from top: Chef Sunshine Puey’s toasted coconut latter; Nespresso machines; and Chef Puey

What can best a barista than a cup of espresso you can make at home right out of bed in the morning, in your boxers or even naked and with no trouble at all? What else but your own Nespresso machine? No need to dress up for coffee. No need to wait in line to get your caffeine fix. No need to leave the house, either, to get the day started right away.

The better news is the pioneer and reference for high-quality portioned coffee, which has revolutionized the global coffee culture, is now in Manila, its coveted personal espresso systems or machines conveniently available in a wide range of models at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-la Plaza, and Abenson BGC initially.

Expect more locations in the next few months, as well as a soon-to-open standalone boutique, its very first in the Philippines, where you can also taste test any of the 24 exceptional blends of Nespresso’s renowned Grand Cru coffees, each one featuring a distinct aroma and flavor profile. Only one to two percent of the worldwide coffee crop meets Nespresso’s strict requirements for its Grand Cru coffees. These rare coffees, from the world’s most well-renowned coffee growing regions, are crafted into exceptional blends and single origin coffees, specially developed to suit every taste preference, and hermetically sealed in aluminum capsules or pods to preserve their freshness and aromas against damaging factors, such as light, air, and humidity until extraction into your coffee cup.

Indeed, each pod machine delivers more than just coffee, it delivers a lifestyle, a “Nespresso Moment” worth aspiring for that no less than George Clooney, the man’s man, Academy award-winning actor, director, activist, philanthropist, and “the most beautiful man in world, according to a recent study using a Greek formula called the golden ratio,” has been handpicked to be its spokesman.

Since its creation in 1986, Nespresso has changed the way millions of people enjoy their coffee, especially in Europe, where it remains the undisputed king. Yet, it continues to redefine coffee culture through constant innovation, renewal, and engagement, reinventing the coffee experience with the combination of its curated coffee range, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled, personalized service.

Indeed, the perfect cup is more than just coffee. Nespresso machines are equipped with a unique technology that delivers the right water temperature, quantity, speed, and extraction pressure to create the perfect coffee moment. Everything has been calculated with great precision to ensure that all the aromas from each Grand Cru can be expressed, giving each cup body and an incomparably dense and thick crema, the sign of ultimate coffee quality. The system is designed to address various preferences, including level of portability. Each Nespresso machine has a look of its own and its own unique set of functions and features to suit any personality, lifestyle, and aesthetics.

Completing the coffee experience is Nespresso’s personalized service. It has built channels where it can cultivate direct and personal relationships with its global community of users, allowing it to continually anticipate expectations and evolve to meet them. Its unique encompassing route-to-market e-commerce, call centers, and physical stores separate the brand from just any other coffee provider.

You can purchase any Nespresso product online, so you can get your hands on your coffee fix with just a few clicks. Register your information online to qualify as a Nespresso Club Member and enjoy exclusive perks and privileges, like never having to be without Nespresso coffee ever again, meaning, if the machine needs repair or maintenance, the company will provide a temporary unit until the original one is back with you.

As the brand marks its presence in the Philippines, several customer touchpoints will also be opened, giving consumers relevant information, utmost convenience, and channels through which they can get in touch with the brand and ultimately get the most out of their Nespresso.


A customer hotline will soon be available, manned no less by Nespresso coffee specialists, from whom you can directly purchase machines, coffee capsules, and even accessories. Now you can have the delicious Nespresso coffee without ever having to leave your home. Just have it delivered right at your doorstep. Now that’s coffee as Clooney would have it.

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