Claudia Barretto has message for ‘mama’ Gretchen


Claudia Barretto has surprisingly found herself in hot water after a fan caused a misunderstanding between her and her aunt, Gretchen Barretto. Instagram

MANILA — Young singer Claudia Barretto insisted that she did not mean to offend Gretchen Barretto as she finds herself embroiled in controversy for supposedly avoiding mentioning her aunt’s name in one of her interviews.

“I just want you to know that what I said was never meant to offend you nor disrespect you,” she told Gretchen, whom she said she considers to be a mother figure, on Instagram, before adding that her reply to a reporter was “maliciously” taken out of context.

Early this week, at a conference held for her single “Stay,” Claudia was asked if she is ready for the comparisons that will be made between her and her famous aunt, who also ventured into singing in 2008. Her reply, in which she referred to Gretchen as “someone else,” did not sit well with some of her fans.

Gretchen herself was initially irked by her niece’s remark, but backtracked her “ungrateful child” swipe a day after saying that she didn’t intend for Claudia to be bashed.

She posted on Instagram an apology for Claudia, saying: “Please allow us all to heal peacefully.”

It prompted a message from Claudia, who assured Gretchen that she had no intention in hurting her.

“As you know, I’m only starting my career and have yet to to truly showcase my intelligence. It’s difficult to do that now because of how nervous I can get sometimes when I’m asked questions,” the teen singer admitted.

“I have yet to get used to it and have yet to learn how to use the correct words. However, I still believe that what I said was not wrong. I hope you see the video, mama.”

According to Gretchen, she took care of Claudia and her siblings, giving them a “safe home for a few good years,” until her sister, Claudine Barretto, sent her and her siblings to school.

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