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(FROM LEFT): Rob Walcher, Karla Estrada, Patricia Javier, the author, and Via Veloso

After our last day shoot for the movie “Squad Goals” due 2018 from Viva Films, actor Patricia Javier brought me to her husband’s clinic because I told her I had asthma, constant back pain, among other things.

I wondered how a chiropractor can help me and she said, “Why don’t you ask Doc Rob (Walcher). He is the expert, I am just the wife.”

Upon my arrival, there were a lot of people waiting for their appointments. Patricia told me not to worry as a session only lasts 10, 15 minutes.

The clinic was visible from outside and I saw Rob treating two celebrities, Karla Estrada and Via Veloso. I noticed that after them, the other patients would have their picture taken with Rob after their session. Some females would even swoon and giggle as though he were a matinee idol. Well, the doctor does remind one of actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme, what with his muscular physique and facial structure.

Rob later told me that as we go through life, we cause stress to our spine by how we sit, sleep, carry our bags, type in the computer, etc. Gravity also causes our spine to go forward so those that are out of alignment slowly and continuously deteriorate.

“And when the spine is misaligned, it affects the nervous system and how it communicates with your body creating health problems,” he claimed. “A chiropractor like me goes to the source of the problem which is the spinal misalignment.”

Truth: The next day after my treatment, I woke up feeling 10 years younger with all my body pains eliminated.

Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Wellness Clinic is in Quezon City.

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