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By Mars W. Mosqueda Jr.

CEBU CITY – Since their first year as accountancy students, cousins Vianca Pearl Inot Amores and Marianito Jesus Berdin del Rio have been competing against each other, though in a healthy way, to find out who was more intelligent and who had the highest scores in exams.

Vianca Pearl Amores and Marianito Jesus Del Rio | credit Facebook | Manila Bulletin

On Monday night, the question was finally settled as the 20-year-old cousins both topped the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) board examination with a score of 92.67 percent, leading the pack of 3,389 new accountants.

“Our hard work and efforts finally paid off. We are very happy,” said Amores when interviewed by reporters Tuesday morning with her second-degree cousin Del Rio.

“Ever since first year, we wanted to prove ourselves. We competed with each other but in a healthy way. We use to compare notes and scores,” Del Rio said.

Amores said she found the CPA board exam difficult and while she was hoping to top the test, she did not push it on her mind because, as she said, it was very hard. She attributed the result to her incessant prayers and her focus on the review.

The cousins had joined local and national competitions and most often went home with the top prizes. “We really wanted to be on top during competitions. We wanted to achieve something,” Del Rio said.

During their review semester, Amores and Del Rio admitted there were times that they felt so low and cried when they got low scores in exams. Del Rio said there was one time that he got only 64 percent, making him cry for hours.

“The low scores, however, motivated me to study harder,” Del Rio said.

During the board exam day, Amores and Del Rio said they did their best, even knowing that the questions were hard, and lifted up everything to God by praying all the time.

“I prayed to be in the top 10 so I was really shocked when I learned that I topped the board exam with Vianca,” Del Rio said.

“I found the board exam difficult so it really shocked me when I learned of the result,” Amores said.

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