Can Uber Finally Resume Operations in the PH After Massive Fine?


Will we finally see the app working again in the PH?

There’s Hope Yet

It looks like the neverending dramarama telenova saga of the LTFRB and Uber will finally come to a conclusion next week. A few hours ago the LTFRB delivered their verdict to Uber: pay a fine of 190M pesos, meet certain conditions, and you can resume operations.

Our favorite superhero silver haired Tito, James Deakin, shared the news on his Facebook Page that the order was delivered after office hours to Uber HQ earlier today. This means that Uber can pay next Tuesday. This assumes that they’re willing to shell out that much cash so they can finally settle this case. Apart from the fine, Uber was directed to pay their drivers 19M collectively a day until their services resume.

Where does the money go? It doesn’t go to the LTFRB. It’s remitted to the National Treasury where it can get appropriated to wherever our “honorable” congressmen and senators deem fit. How did the LTFRB come up with 190M? We have no idea but there must have been a method to their madness. Will Uber finally resume operations on Tuesday? Most likely yes if they pay the 190M fine and if there are no other crazy conditions in the order of the LTFRB.

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While we have been staunch critics of the move of LTFRB to drag this out this long, we’re happy to see that our democratic and legal processes work well enough to actually see a resolution to a problem like this.

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