Can Trump last disastrous internal, external political tug-of-war?


UNITED States President Donald J. Trump is now caught in manifold contradictions in a political policy tug-of-war on the external front and within his camp that could either spell an escalation toward possible global nuclear war or genuine peace and development with Cold War archenemies Russia and China and the rest of the world.

Internal policy cracks. Policy differences within his Cabinet are increasingly becoming visible. Vice President Mike Pence, who toured Balkan nations to promote conflict with Russia, even praising Montenegro as an “inspiration” for standing up against Russia and joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared he and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are “finding ways to bring our relationship back closer to one another”, and are “working closely together” in the successful fight against ISIS in Syria.

In Estonia Pence met with leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and offered to deploy Patriot missiles against Russia, which has annexed Crimea from Ukraine and occupied one-fifth of Georgia. Pence’s aggressive posturing complements the US Congress sanctions bill against Russia.

However, while Trump signed the bill in support for “national unity”, he declared it “flawed” for violating some constitutional provisions. Tillerson added, “I think the American people want the two most powerful nuclear powers in the world to have a better relationship…. Neither the President nor I are very happy about the Congress sanctions bill, but it will not stop us from restoring the relationship.”

‘Russiagate’ that’s causing tension a hoax? The current tension with Russia is traced to the “Russiagate” of Russia allegedly hacking the US elections to favor Trump, which turns out to be a hoax, says the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), claiming Russians had no hand in the alleged hacking.

It was not a hacking case, but a leak starting with the controversial Democratic National Convention (DNC) e-mails to WikiLeaks, with the Democrat leadership’s move to junk Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton, but using the same maneuvers to blame Russia to bring down Trump as manifested in the Russiaphobia barrage ever since he took office.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange declares it “not an Intelligence report” but “a press release for political purposes”. This is similar to the manufactured lies in history to justify wars like the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident, which triggered the US war on Vietnam; or British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s doctrine for regime change and lying about “weapons of mass destruction” that justified the US invasion of Iraq, triggering the conflagration and the Arab Spring.

The same British links and George Soros’s allegiance to the British financial oligarchy that are believed behind the creeping Trump coup. Soros is believed funding the “color revolutions” like the Orange Revolution in Ukraine; Rose Revolution in Georgia; the failed White Revolution in Russia; Yellow Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong; Arab Spring and, lately, against Trump.

New hawks’ double talk. Even within the US military and intelligence establishment, there seems to be conflicts with Trump firing FBI chief James Comey.

Pentagon’s deep state has installed top generals in charge of nuclear weapons to ensure Trump, the perceived “megalo-wacko-maniac”, does not trigger a mad nuclear war, but on the contrary, it is Trump himself, with his “Art of the Deal” who has pushed to do business and befriend Cold War archenemies Russia and China. For him, there is nothing wrong doing business with Russia or joining China’s One Belt, One Road (Obor), now involving 130 countries.

The neo-conservatives, particularly the new “Hawks” who want war, do not want Trump to unite with the big powers that will result in world peace and development, and the demise of the military-industrial complex. More so, the world’s financial oligarchs, including Wall Street, who feel threatened by Trump’s pronouncement to revive Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass Steagall Act of 1933, which brought stability to the banking system for 65 years until its repeal in 1999 that liberalized the financial markets, but resulted in erratic financial bubbles, the worst being the 2008 financial crisis.

As Russiaphobia has failed, they are blaming Trump for his insensitivities over the Charlottesville incident, which is another manipulation reviving Neo-Nazis and Klan White Supremacists.

Is Trump’s card playing China’s card? Many hate Trump’s misogynist, Islamophobic and racial remarks, which his opponents are capitalizing on, but he seems to be playing his Trump card right as China shuffles its policy deck toward a paradigm shift called Obor or the New Silk Road.

Recently, China’s top four banks are mobilizing savings of Chinese to redirect them to invest in the Obor projects worldwide, including those in the US. If Trump wants America to be great again, he needs to play China’s card right by joining Obor.

And by helping China with building infrastructure worldwide, both will think less of hegemonic militarism that could dangerously lead to the classic Thucydies Trap, which led to the fall of the Greek civilization, following the 27-year-long Peloponnesian War due to stupid arrogance, fear and honor.

China’s focus on building physical wealth is a complete contrast to the US economy focus on empty financial growth as corporate debt even increased from $8 trillion in 2008 to $14 trillion today, to drive up stock prices, and not learning from the 2008 crisis, as this is dangerously building up another financial bubble.

Wall Street’s  derivatives  or  fictitious  debts  have hit over  $750 trillion,  way above US  GDP of  $15  trillion a year,  even bigger  than  global GDP  of $70 trillion. Ironically, while big banks were bailed out to arrest the crisis, it is only deferring another blowup as small banks lending to  real physical wealth creation were forced into bankruptcy. From 2007 to 2012 alone, scores of these small  American banks closed  shop.

China’s Obor appears to be adopting more what Franklin Roosevelt did during the Great Depression, when he created 4 million jobs in a month’s time, equivalent to over 10 million today, says a book by Nick Taylor, entitled When FDR put the Nation to Work.



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