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In a rush to go somewhere? Forget about everything else—except for this particular feature


By Jake Galvez

@jakegalvez on Instagram

“Kilay is life.” I’ve heard that sentiment almost everyday and I must admit—it is definitely true. If you’re in a rush, you can skip all the usual makeup routine but will never leave the house without doing your brows. Don’t you agree? Science even says that the eyebrows are the most important facial feature. The obvious choices for some might be the mouth, eyes, and nose, but in reality, the eyebrows stand out the most. Believe it or not, your brows have an enormous effect on your look. By making tweaks on the shape and color, this can give you a makeover in an instant. This week, Twitter user @mor1019chacha wants to try a new brow style for herself:

“Hello Jake, What are the brow styles that I can use for any occasion?”


There are dozens of brow styles and trends that has come and gone. Getting that perfect brow should be effortless, especially with these four timeless and universally flattering arches that anyone can master. So better brush up with these brows trends that you can start doing right now:

Make it fluffy

Feathered brows make it to this list and simply because it gives that famous “no-makeup” look. It was named “feathered” because looks fluffy. It’s full, natural-looking, yet tastefully scruffy on purpose. In order to achieve the fullest brows, you have to lay off your brows and just let it fully grow naturally. You just need to tweeze and pluck any stray hairs. Use a thin-tipped pencil to fill in the spots, the thinner the better, as it will produce a more hair-like and feathery hair texture and then you’re good to go.

The bold and angular look

Fancy stepping up your brows? Then this bold and angular brow is going to help you get there. This type of brow is all about emphasizing your arch, giving it a natural lift. The first step is to draw out your desired shape with your wax, then fill and set with the pigmented powder. You just need to use the wax to trace the outline of your brow then apply your brow powder in your matching shade and simply adhere to the areas that you applied. Use a highlight and lift pencil on your brow bone for the look of an instant brow lift.

Be natural

Perfect for those who want to achieve that “I woke up like this” arches. A polished and well-groomed brow is all that you need. A natural brow is a soft look that enhances your face. Start with your brow pencil from your brow to the tail in one smooth swing, then apply a point of the pencil to the top. The key to a more natural look is to add volumizing fiber gel to your brow. This gives your brow the desired volume and adds thickness and color.

Don’t stray—just go straight

Celebrities and beauty experts are opting for a soft, straight-across brow look. The brow sans the arch is now the “Straight Brow.” This type of brow features the slightest taper off towards the tail. To create this, the brow thickness should be consistent from the start up to the arch. Then use an eyebrow cream-gel color to easily fill, sculpt, and define your brows. This look is both flattering and versatile, and will give off an innocent and youthful look.

All of these four brow styles can be availed this month at any local Benefit Brow Bars. Until May 31, your hard-earned cash paid for any Benefit Brow Wax Services goes to charities empowering women and girls everywhere. Benefit has partnered with Mano Amiga, a private, non-profit organization that provides affordable, innovative and quality international education to children for low-income families. This is part of their “Bold is Beautiful” project so beyond looking good and feeling good, you are also doing something good.

Benefit BrowBars are located at at Greenbelt 5, TriNoma, Mall of Asia, Megamall, Alabang Town Center, SM Seaside City Cebu, BGC Central Square, Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La Plaza

Beauty or lifestyle questions, send it via Twitter & Instagram: @jakegalvez with the hashtag #AskJakeG!


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