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By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda

As we look forward to what 2018 can give us, the Manila Bulletin TechNews team managed to get a hold of Plantronic’s Special Edition of the BackBeat Pro 2.

The headphones is stylish and comfortable with a durable build. Among its many features is a 24-hour battery life, which can make any long trip relaxing, especially if you’re into listening music and podcasts.


It pairs to devices via Bluetooth with ease. On the side you can switch tracks and pause or play music. On the other side are controls for open listening mode, which lets you hear the world around you while sticking to your tunes and noise canceling mode that allows you to bask in your music without any external noise.

The BackBeat Pro 2 is smart enough to know if it’s being worn or not. As soon as you take off the headphones, the music or video you’re playing automatically stops, and resumes as soon as you put them back on with no lag time. The entire process is so smooth that it’s crazy.

The BackBeat Pro 2 features a compact design, making it easier to pack in your bag, should you decide not to let it hang around your neck. It even comes with a protective case that stores the cables.

As of now Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Special Edition is not yet available in the country. We’ll let you know when it does, along with a full review.

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